3 Reasons to Upgrade to a Nicer Car

3 Reasons to Upgrade to a Nicer Car

That old clunker in your garage, the one that served you so well eight years ago, but now labours up hills and shutters when it shifts gears – that car has got to go. It might still look okay (after all, the body design hasn’t changed drastically in the last decade) but the bald fact is that your old car needs to enjoy retirement at some point. It’s time to upgrade, not just to a new car, but to a better car.

Right now you might be saying, well, you can’t afford a nice, new car – who has the money for that? But no one says you have to own the car – leasing remains an accessible and affordable option that allows you to get a better car at a lower price point; that Lamborghini might be way out of your price range to buy, but see what an exotic car dealership can do in terms of leasing. You might be surprised.

Still unconvinced? Read these three compelling reasons to upgrade to a nicer car.

1. A Safer Experience

Safety should be an important consideration for any driver. If you have a family, it’s of even more significance. To that end, perhaps the most compelling reason to sell your old car and get a better one is that it’s probably going to be safer. Not only has road safety technology advanced leaps and bound even in the past few years, but also, older cars with high mileage and maintenance issues pose a greater risk for accidents.

2. Drive for the Job You Want, Not the One You Have

Research has shown that the way you present yourself when you go to work does in fact have a significant bearing on the opportunities presented to you. In other words, if you project class and sophistication, expect to be treated as such. Driving a clunker to work every day, while it might make sense functionally, doesn’t do much for your image, and may even subtly give higher-ups the impression that you are unmotivated. Drive the car that conveys what kind of person you want to be.

3. Stay Up-to-Date With Advancing Technology

Finally, newer cars are just more fun. Cars get more fun every year, in fact, as new advancements are made in infotainment. You get a better sound system, a nicer climate control system, integrated apps, safety technologies and about a thousand other bells and whistles that luxury car manufacturers have dreamed up. If you’re someone who dreads their weekday commute, it might be because of a lack of infotainment options in your vehicle.

For the sake of safety, appearance and fun, perhaps it’s time to retire your old vehicle and introduce a newer, better one. By switching up the way you finance your car, you can ensure that the decision doesn’t disrupt you too much financially, and give you greater choice as to the quality of the car. What are you waiting for? Stop stalling in the past, and start driving into the future.

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