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Upgrade Your Technology the Next Time You Move Your Office

Are you planning on moving your office space? With the rise of work-from-home, many companies are downsizing their office space to only the necessities or even getting rid of offices altogether.

As you make the move, it can also be a good idea to update your technology. It could be time for an upgrade if your computers are slow, struggling with essential documents, or prone to problems. Tech issues can be incredibly disruptive to workflow. In fact, an estimated two weeks of work every year are wasted on IT issues by every single employee. If software updates suddenly have your devices struggling to keep up with the demands of the office (or the home office, as the case may be), use your move as a chance to upgrade.

When you make the switch, keep in mind that you will have to transfer data and destroy physical information that isn’t moving with you. Now is also a great time to invest in better security measures.

Transfer Data

Most workplaces today now use some kind of cloud-based storage for data; however, due to privacy and security concerns, not all information can be stored in this way. For example, if you’re working from outside the US, there are some records that must be kept in your country – which means they can’t be stored with American-owned services.

Even if you do primarily use cloud storage, it doesn’t hurt to back up your devices and transfer data when you upgrade. You can either transfer files directly between devices using a USB cord or back up everything onto an external hard drive.

Information Destruction

Do you have a plan to get rid of old devices securely? Workplace electronics contain tons of essential information. Find a one-stop service that will not only recycle old devices such as smartphones, tablets, and computers but also destroy hard drives, documents, and any other sensitive information.

If you’re upgrading technology as part of a move, there may be other things besides electronics that need to be safely destroyed. In order to keep your company information safe, you need to be sure that you’ve destroyed all materials linked to intellectual property, your branding, etc. Some companies that do document shredding and electronics recycling can also provide specialized services for things like labelling, packaging, branded merchandise, uniforms, ID cards, access cards, and any other physical object you want to keep out of the hands of others.

Better Data Security

The average cost of a cyberattack directed against a business is a whopping $200,000. Is your company set up to make sure that never happens? That argument alone can make the shift to better, safer technology seem worth it.

With more employees working from home, invest in a VPN that ensures the security of workplace communications. You can also keep workplace devices secure by streamlining software to include only what employees need, nothing extra. Every app is another entry-point for hackers, so it’s worthwhile limiting what gets used on work devices.

Make sure your information is protected when you move offices.

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