3 Things Dealerships Can Do with Text Messaging

3 Things Dealerships Can Do with Text Messaging

As an auto dealer, part of your job is to remain vigilant about every new means available that can help you to increase your customer base and boost sales. Increasingly, this means keeping up with the latest offerings in dealership software and technology. While online dealership services are currently the most exciting way to provide a powerful boost to sales, you can get even further ahead by integrating texting into your website offerings.

1. Responding to Today’s Digital Trend


Today, more than ever, consumers of every kind of product are becoming increasingly tech-savvy. This fact no longer merely applies to younger generations, today people of all ages understand the value and convenience offered by digital services. This means that your customers are already expecting advanced electronic capabilities to be available from your website and from your dealership in general.

The increasingly common desire among the public for online consumer software is no longer merely about novelty and convenience – digital services have dramatically changed the way that sales work and they are becoming more and more vital to how businesses everywhere are conducted.

By integrating text messaging into your existing offerings, you’ll be responding to a vital part of consumer demand that can mean the difference between developing customer loyalty and losing the same people to your competition.


2. Nonstop Service


By now you probably already understand the enormous value of providing your online customers with 24/7 online chat help software along with how powerful a tool that online chat can be for developing leads. Text messaging can work in a similar way, with the added benefit of connecting customers directly to your sales team for more specific questions relating to a deal that is already well into development.

Offering many ways for customers to get in touch is more important today than ever. The latest data shows that the vast majority – up to 82% of all consumers – already expect to have their questions answered immediately. This is just another indication that the way sales are conducted is changing rapidly due to technology and that you’d better be ready.


3. Keeping the Conversation Going


When customers are able to connect directly to your sales team, they get to see their sale continue to develop in real time. There’s no better way today to build the kind of customer loyalty that has always carried repeat business between auto buyers and dealerships. Additionally, members of your sales team will be able to present special offers to their customers as soon as they are approved.

Let’s face it, there are a thousand things that can interrupt a sales conversation or distract a customer. Just to name a few:


  • The Customer Loses Interest
  • The Store is Closing
  • Customers Want to Do More Research on Their Own

When you give your potential sale the time to allow a client to be distracted, then the chances increase dramatically that they’ll go find another deal elsewhere.

Dealerships everywhere are learning the advantages of offering online services to their customers. Contact a digital marketing solutions expert today to learn how to integrate text messaging into your strategy and get a boost above the rest.

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