4 Ways to Naturally DeStress This Spring

4 Ways to Naturally DeStress This Spring

For many, spring marks a time of renewed energy, the season when everyone awakes from their collective slumber to bask in the sunshine and smell the flowers. But that shift away from winter’s relaxation, toward spring’s “go-getter” attitude, can be jarring, and consequently, springtime isn’t always the most anxiety-friendly season.

To counter the stressful effects of spring, and to return yourself to a state of relative comfort and ease, you need to be proactive. It’s not enough to just go about your normal routine hoping your shoulders will stop tensing, your teeth will stop grinding and your mind will stop racing a mile a minute.

To take charge of your wellbeing, try these four, natural modes of de-stressing, one of which is material, two of which are experiential, and one of which is underlying.


Unless you’ve been living under a rock all winter, you have probably heard of the relaxing, beneficial effects of CBD, the non-psychoactive compound found in cannabis. As far as chemical relaxants go, CBD is as natural as it is effective, enjoyed in the form of either a food additive, a relaxing infused tea from Olli Brands or a capsule.

Sipping on a CBD tea won’t make you “high”, but you will likely notice a profound bodily relaxation – some people have described the feeling as “the absence of anxiety”.

Yoga and/or Meditation

4 Ways to Naturally DeStress This Spring

Both meditation and its closely related, decidedly more physical sister yoga, are great for de-stressing. Both these ancient practices de-emphasize racing thoughts and train your brain to focus on the breath – that constant, central, grounding feature of every human.

Harvard Health has a great article that summarizes the research done on yoga’s effect on anxiety modulation. With some caveats (mainly centering on choosing the right yoga for your fitness level) the article concludes that yoga has an appreciable effect on stress levels.

Forest Bathing

This is just a newfangled way of saying “being out in nature”. Forest bathing, translated from the Japanese “shin-rin yoku” is the concept of walking through the woods in a meditative state, taking in the fresh air. It has the endorsement of a growing body of literature that suggests it has numerous health benefits, de-stressing among them.

It could be as simple as going for a quick hike, and being mindful and present with your immediate surroundings.

Being Social

4 Ways to Naturally DeStress This Spring

Finally, coupled with any of the above methods, or all by itself, socialization is a fantastic way to de-stress. More than anything, socializing allows you to break free of your internal dialogue, which can be tied to stress-inducing cognitive patterns. It instead allows you to form connections, vent your frustrations and share your ideas.

During the cold winter, people often forget the value of socialization. Use the spring as an excuse to catch up with old friends, and meet a few new ones.

Hopefully, as the weather gets warmer, you can help your brain cool down a little. Try one of these fantastic, natural de-stressors today.

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