4 Ways YouTube Can Save You a Fortune Around the House

Yes, you can! You can save a lot of money by bringing a lot of your home repairs and chores… in-house, so to speak.

YouTube’s walkthrough videos can help you save your money by showing you exactly how to do a number of the things that you’ve traditionally paid people to do for you.

Trust us when we say that these things are easier than you think, and a lot more fun than you think.

You’re about to save a lot of money and gain a lot of self-satisfaction by doing these things yourself.

Change Your HVAC Filter

This one will not only save you money by taking the HVAC technician’s time out of the equation, it will also help ensure your home’s heating and cooling systems are operating as efficiently as possible. A dirty and unchecked filter can cause your system to work much harder than it needs to and send your utility bills through the roof.

Most searches for “How to change my HVAC filter” will show you what you need to do. However, feel free to take it a step further and search for, “How to change the filter on a (your system’s model).”

See how easy that was?

Basic Car Maintenance

Are you worried you’re being fleeced by mechanics? Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

But, you can save a lot of money by doing some very basic things on your car by yourself. We know, cars can be intimidating if you don’t know anything about them and you don’t want to break anything.

But, we’re not talking about diagnosing why your check engine light is on. We’re talking about simple tasks like

  • Changing a windshield wiper blade
  • Changing your battery
  • Changing your oil
  • Replacing a headlight or taillight

In these situations, we definitely recommend looking for model specific videos, so search for “How to change the battery in a 2015 Honda Civic,” or whatever your vehicle may be.

Be sure to watch the video first, to make sure you can see all of the tools that you may need. For example, to change a brake light, you may need a socket set.

Fixing Your Toilet

Ok, we know this is one of the dirty tasks that you may be more than happy to outsource. However, plumbers are expensive, particularly when you have to call after hours for an emergency.

Just enter in the nature of your difficulty, like:

  • My toilet is plugged
  • My toilet won’t stop running
  • My toilet’s chain is broken

You will likely find some simple steps to fix your problem, without having to call a plumber.

Painting a Room

A lot of people dread this task, but painting can actually be a lot of fun, as you literally see a room transform and get a new look before your very eyes. And, bonus, you’re the one making it happen!

It can cost anywhere from $380-$790 to paint a room and that doesn’t even include painting the ceilings, painting your trim, or even cover the cost of the paint! Doing things yourself over evenings and weekends can cut those costs down by more than a third.

Once you try a few of these tasks yourself, you will enjoy the savings and a new rush of independence. You will start to look for more projects you can tackle yourself.

Good luck and happy DIYing!

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