5 Ways to Prepare for a Sales Interview: A Checklist

5 Ways to Prepare for a Sales Interview: A Checklist

For many people, the hardest part of job searching is the interview. No matter what job you are applying for, there will be universal things that you will need to prepare for the upcoming interview. But there will also be slight differences, and fine-tuning your interview skills specifically for the job you are interviewing for will be an asset.

If you’re interested in a position in sales, then this sales interview preparation checklist should be useful to you. Here are five areas that you should consider before your next sales interview:

1. The Logistics

This aspect of the job interview is often overlooked. It’s not uncommon for people to get excited and accept any time to schedule an interview, but it’s actually important to consider certain factors like:

  • If you’re already hired, can you take time away from your current job?
  • What’s the commute – how long will it take to get there?
  • Both factors considered, what’s the best time to book the sales interview?

Whatever you do, don’t be late – make sure you are properly prepared and arrive at your destination around fifteen minutes before it starts.

2. Presentation is Key

It’s tried and true – first impressions count.

  • If you can, try to get a sense of the dress code of the place you are applying for. If you can’t, though, it’s generally considered safe to dress up for a job interview, just don’t go overboard
  • Most importantly, make sure you are well-groomed and have taken care of your hygiene.

3. Be Ready to Answer These Questions

Before going to your job interview, be ready to answer these hard-hitting questions that will require thought and consideration:

  • Why are you looking for a job? If you are currently employed, they’ll want to know why you want to leave, and if you’re unemployed, they’ll want to know how and why that’s the case.
  • Why are you interested in this role and this company? They’ll want to know what attracted you to their company, and why you think you’ll be a good fit for the role – and how it’ll be a good fit for you.

4. Make Sure You Ask These Questions

During your sales interview, you should also ask the recruiter your own set of questions. It’ll show them that you are serious about the position and invested in the idea of the role being long-term. You should ask questions like:

  • Are there any opportunities for growth?
  • What are the company’s short and long term goals?
  • What’s the company culture like?
  • And at the end, what the next steps are.

5. Compensation

Do your research beforehand to find out what the average compensation is for the role you are applying for in your area.

  • Let the question of compensation come up naturally, but don’t let it slip away.
  • Don’t forget to consider things like benefits, commission, pay structure, etc.

What About After the Interview?

After the interview, make sure to follow up with a thank you email within 24 hours of meeting. Keep your email short and reaffirm your interest in the position, but make sure you’re not pushy. Stick to the instructions you were given when it comes to the next steps, and patiently wait if that’s what’s required.

Following these steps will ensure your success. Good luck!

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