National Lobster Day with Overnight Delivery

Celebrate National Lobster Day with Overnight Delivery

Did you know that June 15 is National Lobster Day? If you live in a state that’s landlocked or far from the ocean, you may not have ever heard of this magnificent time of year. What better time to try cooking lobster at home than when people across this great nation are all partaking in the custom together?

Why Try Lobster?

Lobster is one of the most prized meals that you can order from any restaurant. Many people don’t realize that it’s also a very easy kind of food to prepare at home with results that can even surpass what you’ll order when you go out to dinner. The secret is to buy the right kind of lobster and ensure that it comes as fresh as you can possibly get.

Cooking Lobster Properly

If you haven’t cooked your lobster properly, not only will it be difficult to shell, but there may be no point to shelling it at all if your meat becomes inedible. For absolute freshness, order your lobster live and leave it intact as you plunge it into boiling salted water or court bullion. As a general rule of thumb, you should add one to two teaspoons of salt per gallon of water.

Other Cooking Methods

Boiling may be the most common way to cook lobster, but it is far from the only method. In fact, in different parts of the world, many people have come to prefer the flavor of lobster cooked in alternative ways. Some other common options include:


  • Steaming
  • Grill or Barbeque
  • Poaching or Parboiling

If you aren’t familiar with the process, double check with a full recipe on how to cook delivered Maine lobster online. Cooking lobster is very easy when you follow a simple guide.

Overnight Delivery

With overnight delivery, national lobster day can truly be celebrated all across the country with lobster every bit as delicious as what you’ll find in New England – where the best lobster in the world comes from! Lobster is delicious and healthy but it’s the freshness that really counts, and that’s why quick delivery really is the best way to go.

Impressing your Guests

Everyone who invites special guests to dinner at home wants to serve a meal that their company will appreciate. If you’re looking for a new option to impress your in-laws or friends, there’s really a no better choice than lobster. While you’re at it, why not serve lobster that’s better than any that your friends and family can find, even at a local restaurant, by getting overnight delivery?

Whatever way you decide to enjoy your lobster, the important thing is that you get it delivered fresh from the best region possible – New England. Once you have fresh, hard-shelled lobster and a good recipe, you’ll be all set. Now you just have to organize a lobster feast with friends and family on National Lobster Day. You might even enjoy it so much that you start a yearly tradition!

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