TikTok has taken off in popularity with young users, and it’s easy to see why. It’s fun and simple to use. Read this article to find out more about TikTok.

Five Reasons Why TikTok Is so Popular

TikTok popularity is a phenomenon. Despite initially targeting the limited US teenage target market, TikTok has managed to capture half a billion users. In 2018, it had more downloads than YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.

66% of its users are under the age of 30, and 60% of monthly users are between 16 and 24.

Here are five reasons why you need to try TikTok:

1. What is TikTok?

TikTok is a video creation app for 15 second or less video creation. Users can sing, dance, act, or meme to a backdrop of pre-recorded audio clips or songs. There are huge databases of audio and filters to help you create.

Uploading content is easier than with apps like Instagram or Snapchat the require more prep.

In addition to huge databases of audio and filters, there are a variety of editing features that make it easy for anyone to be a content creator!

2. TikTok Focus

TikTok’s homepage displays recommendations of their most popular hashtags and creators, so you have a place to start from, and examples to use.

Because of TikTok’s concentrated age demographic, it can offer content that is much more targeted and focused to its users than other apps like Instagram. The users of the app are also the ones that create its content. TikTok knows what is appealing to its users.

It is filled with communities built up around specific niche topics, such as gaming and comedy. Choose ones you like, and you will not only be able to enjoy the content you find, you also have a built-in fan base for when you post content.

3. TikTok is a Safe Space

TikTok is strict about online safety and the safety of minors and adheres to its stand against online bullying, making for a pleasant online experience.

4. TikTok Searches Give You What You Ask For

Content is navigated by hashtags, similar to Instagram. When you search, you don’t get surprises.

5. Gain Followers More Easily

Everyone on TikTok has the potential to gain a lot of followers, because success rates on TikTok are high.

The more your video gets likes, comments or shares, the more your video will be exposed to people who like the topic of your video.

This is because of TikTok’s algorithm. You get what you are interested in, according to your operation habits and browsing history.

You can make videos that are fun for you, and what you love, and you will attract like minded users. This is how to gain more followers. By doing something you love to do!

TikTok would also be great for someone who wants to promote their business. Your marketing budget could be zero. You just need good products and fans. What a great profit margin!

Even celebrities are using TikTok. It allows them to access new audiences, and a younger demographic.

TikTok makes everything easy. It’s easy to find content that you want to see, and it is easy for you to produce content that others will want to see.

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