5 Fun Ways to Stay Active this Summer

Get Fit and Get Moving! 5 Fun Ways to Stay Active this Summer

With summer right around the corner, its time to start thinking of ways to become the fittest version of yourself. There’s nothing better than long days spent outside in the summer. Its time to get your sweat on, and it doesn’t have to be boring.

Here are five activities that are fun, easy and inexpensive to help you to be active this summer. 


5 Fun Ways to Stay Active this Summer

Tie up your laces, and head outside! Swapping a treadmill for a trail run forces the body to develop greater resilience and it also offers more of a challenge because you’re doing the work, rather than the ground moving underneath you. But runs with friends, family or even a partner can be fun and enjoyable.

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Summer is no longer about booze and beaches — it’s also about investing in your wellbeing. Its time to feel the summer festival spirit by battering your body! Why not invest in a fitness festival or group event like Tough Mudder — it will allow you to return to your healthier and happier self with a stronger pair of lungs.

Participating in uplifting activities like outdoor yoga, sunset meditation, outdoor cycling races, or even train for a triathlon (Yes, you!) can all be fun ways to stay fit this summer.


5 Fun Ways to Stay Active this Summer

This is a no brainer. Swimming, surfing, or kayaking are all fun summer-only activities. So paddle away. Plus the water will keep you refreshed, and you can work on your tan!

Do 50 laps each day and your body will get toned from head to toe.


Channel your inner kid. Games like tag, hopscotch, and hula hooping are serious workouts. Plus you can get your kids involved!

If you want to spend more time with your adult friends and family, sports are a great way to get a workout while having a good time with those closest to you.

Sometimes you don’t even notice that you’re exercising. Summer is a great time to get together to play basketball, tennis or soccer. There are plenty of local recreational leagues and tournaments that you can participate in as well. It’s also a great way to meet new people and socialize.


5 Fun Ways to Stay Active this Summer

Hiking is a great way to start the day with your friends or family. Several hiking spots in the country have amazing trails that make the whole experience pleasurable.  Of course, the view from the top of the mountain makes it all worth it.

So head out, find a nearby trail or park, and start walking. Know that preparation is the key to not hurting yourself, so pack plenty of sunscreen and granola!

These activities will keep you entertained and healthy throughout the summer. Find something you love, and stick to it!

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