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Make Your Back-To-School Clothes Shopping a Stress-Free Experience

Shopping for new clothes for school should be exciting, but often ends up causing stress. Here are five tips that will reduce the stress but keep the excitement for both you and your kids.

1. Plan Ahead

Don’t wander the shopping malls, kids in tow, forced to make decisions on the spot. Besides making the most of your time, planning ahead means that you can set a budget and stick to it. If something comes up that you weren’t expecting, you can have a firm number on what you are not willing to exceed.

You can make a list of must-haves and wants and give your kids some input into what you will be buying for them. They will be happier if they can prioritize items on the shopping list themselves. That way, they get to decide if it is more important to them to spend more money on the latest dress style, and less on shoes, for example.

2. Pick the Best Time to Shop

Saving money is always a good way to reduce stress. If you’re looking for the best sales for back-to-school clothes, do your shopping in August, before school starts. The ultimate way to save money is to wait until the middle of September after school has already started to get fall clothes. The clothes are cheaper in September because the stores are beginning to get their winter clothes in around then.

3. Mix and Match with Clothes They Already Have

Maybe they already have a great pair of pants, and they only need a new belt or shirt to make a new outfit. See where you can tweak what they already have. Take the opportunity to go through their clothes and throw away any clothes that no longer fit, or donate them to charity.

4. Make Shopping a Positive Experience

If possible, shop with each of your children individually. That way, the shopping will go at a pace that is good for the child, and there will be no fights with siblings. They won’t feel rushed, or feel that the pace is too slow, and that gives them a chance to make good decisions. It could even end up being a bonding experience.

5. Shop Online in the Comfort of Your Own Home

It is easy to sit down with the kids and scroll through the selection of clothes on a computer, which would take hours and possibly involve trips to different locations if you went to stores.

The downside of online shopping is that you can’t try the clothes on, and sizes may vary. You would have to check the return policies of the supplier you order from. For example, Amazon has an Online Returns Centre, but you would have to leave enough time to go back and forth with returns, and there are conditions. You may have a trusted source of clothing that you order from all the time, so it may not be a problem.

Enjoy your shopping!

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