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Surviving Summer In The City

It’s hard to complain about it being “too hot” when the majority of the year we live in is extreme cold. However, while heatwaves bring beautiful sunshine, most of us would agree that the summer heat can be brutal, especially if you live and work in a city.

High temperatures and humidity make cooling down hard to do in the summer months, so we’ve rounded up 12 tips to help you beat the heat this summer.

Tip 1: Wear Your Hair Up

Choose a quick, easy up-do to help keep your body temperature low. Heavy, thick hair can feel like another layer when worn down and using heated appliances on your hair can be equally uncomfortable when it’s hot outside (Plus, who wants to deal with a blowout in summer humidity?) So put away the straightener and blow dryer, and make the summer heat-free!

Tip 2: Close Your Curtains

Whenever you can, keep your curtains closed. Blocking out the sun from beating into your apartment will help keep your home cool. Additionally, putting something reflective on the outside of the glass can bounce the heat away, keeping the room cool – like the screens that go on the windshield of your car.

Tip 3: Open Your Windows (In The Evening/Night)

summer heat tips

When the temperature drops, open up your windows and let the cool air inside. This will help your home from getting stuffy. Ventilation is essential in keeping your room temperature comfortable. It keeps the humidity from building up. Just don’t forget to close your windows before the sun comes up.

Tip 4: Carry A Spritz Bottle

beat the summer heat with these tips

Grab yourself a spritz bottle from the dollar store and fill it up with ice water, whenever you can’t take the heat anymore, spritz yourself with it. You can also use your spritz bottle to cool off during and after your workouts or while simmering on the beach.

Tip 5: Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated with good old H20 can go a long way in the summertime. Water transfers heat away from your internal organs before serious damage occurs, which can lead to heat stroke, and even death. Coffee and alcohol tend to dehydrate you, so try your best to avoid these during the day.

Tip 6: Wear A Wet Bandana

summer heat tips and tricks

This is a very refreshing method that will keep you feeling cool. Simply soak your bandana in water and wrap it around your neck or head. The N-rit scarf keeps your body temperature low when out in the heat. Because it just looks like your ordinary bandana, it’s great for sports, travelling, and hikes. Alternatively, you can also just wet your hair.

Tip 7: Don’t Eat During The Hottest Hours

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It takes energy to digest food (even if it’s cold) which can warm you up. Try to eat your biggest meals in the morning and evening when it’s cooler out. While eating or drinking something hot on a blistering hot day might feel like the least appealing thing to do, but warm foods/fluids can actually help regulate your body temperature.

Tip 8: Understand Your Body’s Best Cooling Points

If you’re stuck in the heat and can’t get to a cooler place, know your body’s best cooling points. Your wrist and neck both contain pulse points. You can cool off your blood and body temperature by getting these areas in contact with cool water. By simply applying ice cubes that are wrapped in a towel to these pulse points, you’ll cool down more quickly.

Tip 9: Take Cold Showers (a couple of times a day)

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Cold water is affordable, so why not take advantage of it to cool yourself off? Take a quick cold shower a few times a day, the cost is minimal, and it will significantly lower your body temperature. Additionally, cold water leads to blood to surround your organs and gets your blood circulating leads the arteries to pump blood more efficiently, promoting overall heart health.

Tip 10: Hang Out In The Basement

summer heat tips and tricks

The basement is the coldest part of the house, so hang out down there. Make it into a summer project – it’ll keep you down in the relatively cool basement, add to the value of your home and make your basement a better “hang out” spot for the remainder of the time you live there.

Tip 11: Be An Early Bird

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Organize your chores for early morning before the real heat sets in. Many shops are also open in the evenings. That way you can avoid boiling parking lots and other hot, tired customers/commuters.

Tip 12: Consider The Material of Your Clothing

The fabrics you choose to wear during the warmer summer months can have a major impact not only on your look but on your comfort level. Unlike synthetic materials like nylon, which make you sweaty and uncomfortable, cotton allows your skin to breathe.

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