To buy or not to buy the iPhone 11 model. It’s probably worth it with this one. Read the general online consensus on all of its new features and upgrades.

The iPhone 11 is Definitely an Upgrade and It’s Affordable

Like clockwork, Apple introduces a new iPhone model around the same time each year that is an upgrade of the last model. This year, Apple announced the arrival of the iPhone 11 and the iPhone 11 Pro (Max) models. As always, the new iPhone models were sleek, shiny, and the right level of better – similar to the iPhone XR, but just slightly upgraded to notice a difference.

The decision to purchase a new iPhone takes some serious consideration as it can be a steep investment for some people. However, the new iPhone 11 models come at a relatively fair price for their capabilities, according to phone and tech enthusiasts who’ve performed tests to determine its overall quality. The general conclusion seems to be that the iPhone 11 is better, faster, and worth its price if you’re looking for a new iPhone model.

Here’s a quick look at the iPhone 11’s pros and cons:

The Good:

  • Faster processing
  • Longer battery life
  • Improved video camera
  • Camera mode optimizes photos with Night Mode and Deep Fusion

The Bad:

  • No USB C port
  • No fast charger included
  • No OLED display (but still has a decent display, nevertheless)
  • Optimal camera updates only work for rear photo camera

The Bottom Line:

The iPhone 11 is more durable and stronger than the its predecessors and has survived 8 feet and below drop tests. The optimized battery allows for a full day use and Apple also offers smart battery cases for all iPhone 11 models. The updated cameras will satisfy most day-to-day users with the new Ultra-Wide mode, Night Mode, and Deep Fusion optimization. It’s also one of the better smartphone cameras on the market.

The qualities it lacks are mostly available with the Pro models, but its performance isn’t hindered for what it doesn’t have. The Pros come with a 18W fast charger block, but the iPhone 11 doesn’t and you’d need to buy a third-party product for faster charging.

The iPhone 11 Overall

As the mid-tier model, the iPhone 11 is meant to meet the budget for most iPhone buyers. just because it has a more affordable price tag, it doesn’t mean it’s a “cheap” model because its upgrades proved to be of great value in comparison to older models. It also comes in a colorful assortment: black, white, (Product)RED, purple, green, and yellow.

Non-photographers won’t notice any “flaws” that professional photographers and nit-picky users will see. So, if you don’t use the camera for professional or other work reasons, you should be satisfied with it. Actual photographers would be more interested in the Pro models if they expect to use their phone for professional photos.

If you’re looking to buy a new iPhone, the iPhone 11 would definitely satisfy day-to-day uses and comes with all the cool updates from the most recent iOS. But if you’re thinking of upgrading your current model, you would still get a good product with the iPhone 11, but you can also wait longer to see what will come out next year!

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