The Newest and Coolest Toronto Restaurants to Try

The Newest and Coolest Toronto Restaurants to Try

It’s the beginning of 2020 and that means it’s time for all things new – including new restaurants of all kinds. Check out these brand new, cool Toronto restaurants across the city.

1.    Boonsik

Where: 50 Clinton Street (Little Italy)

Must Try: Korn Dog – mozzarella and beef sausage wrapped in rice and bread flour breading with ketchup, mustard, and a pinch of sugar on top.

Paul Kim transformed the fine-dining Korean restaurant, Doma, into a hot spot for Korean street food. Boonsik translates into “food made from flour” and refers to the many snack foods sold in casual restaurants that differ in flavour across South Korea. Kim has taken the challenge to try and balance these flavours in his new restaurant that is unique to Toronto.

Get a taste of Korean soul food at Boonsik as well as pick up any Korean snacks sold for $1 – just like in convenience stores. You’ll love the buzzing ambience, tasty new food, and of course, some K-Pop playing.

2.    LOV’s

Where: 620 King St. W. Suite 102

Must Try: Any of your favourite dishes, but made with local ingredients!

Give your eyes and stomachs a treat at Toronto’s first LOV location. LOV stands for local, organic, and vegan and promises healthy, plant-based, and tasty dishes in a beautiful restaurant that glimmers with sophistication.

Originally from Montreal, LOV serves up-scale, hearty, vegan dishes including plant-based alternatives to traditional meals like lasagna. Enjoy the garden-like environment as you relish in the nutrient-rich foods.

3.    Lobster Burger Bar

Where: 214 King St. West

Must Try: Lobster Meets Beef Burger – 5 oz beef burger with lobster and cheese

Calling all seafood lovers – mainly lobster lovers! Using ingredients and lobsters from local farmers and our neighbours in the east, Lobster Burger Bar puts a fun spin on classic seafood meals and serves delicious cocktails. Whether you want to have your own “Lobster Meets Beef” burger or order a bunch of shareable foods to try everything, you’ll be having a one-of-kind Canadian meal. And of course, they serve a poutine because Canada, eh!

4.    LosCo Vegan

Where: 111 Richmond Street (Financial District)

Must Try: Chef Herrera goes back to her roots as a pastry chef with her all vegan churro twists.

Hold on to your hats because you can now enjoy completely vegan Mexican food at LosCo Vegan. Elia Herrera, a previous Top Chef Canada contestant has opened this food stall in the Financial District serving all day breakfast made from healthier ingredients like young coconut ceviche, acai bowls, and coconut chia bowls.

5.    Libertad

Where: 113 Jefferson Avenue (Liberty Village)

Must Try: Blackened Arctic Char – Canadian Arctic char, salsa agaucate, cabbage, onion, cilantro, and pineapple

Hold on to your hats, taco and quesadilla lovers, this Mexicana cocina has a menu that exclusively includes tacos and quesadillas. But not just any kind, with a wide selection of different kinds of tacos you can get, Libertad also puts a Canadian spin on their dishes with char and turbot locally sourced. Choose from potatoes, beef tongue, and cauliflower for your main ingredient and enjoy.

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