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Tips for Making the Inside of Your Home Look Brighter

There’s something about a bright room that makes it feel more welcoming and pleasant to be in. And it’s not just about appearances, either – a well-lit room is good for your mood and helps lower your stress levels. The health benefits of natural light are measurable and proven, as sunlight boosts vitamin D levels, an essential nutrient that your body needs. Natural light can also help you ward off seasonal depression, as well as help you sleep at night.

With the psychological as well as physical benefits of living in bright spaces, the benefits of brightening up your home are well worth the investment. Freshen up your home this spring with these tips for making the inside of your home look and feel brighter.

Start by Cleaning Your Windows

If you want more natural light to get into your home then the most obvious place to start is your windows. Coming out of the rainy season means that the weather will have taken a toll on your home windows by flinging dirt, debris, and polluted rain (if you live in the city) onto the glass. Without even realizing it, this can cause your windows to get filmy or hazy, reducing the amount of light entering your home.

It’s easy to clean your vinyl windows with a vinegar-based washing solution. There are a number of suggestions out there for the exact measurements, but basically, all you need to do is mix one part hot water into one part distilled vinegar in a bucket or spray bottle. Apply the solution to the glass surface of your windows, and then afterwards gently wipe the solution off with a sponge.

This kind of solution is surprisingly effective, not even leaving any streaks behind as you wipe it away. It’s also environmentally friendly and safe to use in your home, versus harmful chemical solutions that can potentially be harmful to both you and your home.

Utilize White and/or Neutral Colour Schemes

Another obvious choice is to use colours to increase the brightness inside your home. The colour white actually reflects light, whereas darker colours absorb various wavelengths of light (colour), and black absorbs all wavelengths. A little confusing, but the gist of it is that light colours reflect light, whereas dark colours will absorb light, making your room look darker.

So it’s only natural that if you want to make your room brighter that you will choose to paint your walls white. If you go for a neutral colour then paint your ceiling white in order to help with reflecting light.

If a sterile colour like white doesn’t sound appetizing to you, use statement pieces like a bold-coloured rug or set of pillows in order to add some definition and life into your room. The contrast will make the space feel bigger with distinct features.

Look for More Tips and Tricks

There are a number of other ideas for brightening your room, like trimming the trees outside your windows so that they don’t block the sunlight, or using a mirror hung directly across from a window in order to bounce light back into the room. With these small adjustments to your living space, you’re sure to see a huge improvement in how you feel about the inside of your home.

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