Five Easy at Home Workouts That Only Take 15 Minutes

Try Out These 5 Easy Workouts You Can Do Before Work

On busy weekdays, it’s easy to have many legitimate reasons not to fit in a workout. There’s the commute, sitting at work, rushing for train (that kind of counts), getting home for dinner, clean up, and then collapsing on your bed.

By the time you get home you may be able to squeeze about an hour of free time before you fall asleep in. It’s understandable – it’s as if there’s literally no time to stop and workout, let alone go to the gym. If you’re looking to change that and willing to commit, you can wake up just 15 minutes earlier to fit in a workout and start your day right.

Benefits of Easy Workouts

Yes, every minute of extra sleep in the morning is valuable, but so is regular exercising. There’s no need to pay for an expensive gym membership to take an intense workout class. Starting with intense workouts doesn’t benefit you much either anyways. Good habits take time to build and it’s the same with beginner workouts. The benefits you get from regularly exercising, in any form, are:

  • Stronger self-confidence
  • An established healthy, daily exercise routine
  • Stronger muscles
  • Better sleep
  • Less stress
  • Losing weight

When your weekdays are so full, it’s easy for the stress to build and it affects your day-to-day life. But with regular exercise, you can have an outlet to release the stress. Plus, your brain produces more endorphins, a natural chemical that your body makes to relieve stress.

You can find hundreds of ideas online of different exercises you can combine for a routine. But if you’re looking for an exact pre-made 15-minute workout, here are a few for you to consider:

1.    The 15 Minute Ab Workout

Whip out your yoga mat in the morning and train your abs using different body positions after a warm-up position and ending with a cooldown position. Do each move once and work up to doing two sets.

2.    The 15 Minute Ab Workout That’s Anti-Crunch

Some exercises are better than others for different people and if you’re someone who dreads doing crunches, just use this workout to tone your abs.

3.    6 Easy Lower Ab Exercises

If you’ve noticed a theme here, there are many ab exercises as many people find it an area difficult to maintain. But with these 6 moves, done twice per set, you can strengthen yours for a healthier body.

4.    Thigh Trimming Exercises

Ah, another tricky spot, the thighs. Summer time means that any bottoms too far below the knee are out and shorts are in. Train your thigh muscles with these standing exercises about 15-20 times if you’re a beginner.

5.    The Full Body Ball Workout

A workout that incorporates all the muscles in 15 minutes sounds like a dream come true for those looking for an easy way to fitness. Grab an exercise ball and do this routine three times each.

These at home workouts are just five of many other routines that you can try for yourself. If in doubt, stick to the basics in a routine that you make yourself!

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