3 Amazing TV Shows You Should Be Watching Now

3 Amazing TV Shows You Should Be Watching Now

Everyone loves a good TV show that they can binge nonstop – that’s one of the reasons why Netflix has become so popular. But Netflix can only take you so far, and a lot of great TV shows aren’t even on Netflix, to begin with. That’s why a number of people still choose to pay monthly for cable or satellite TV, especially if they are looking for a diverse amount of programming for any interests (movies, cars, sports, television shows, etc.). Poynt 360 has lots of packages to choose from all at affordable prices and tailored to suit your viewing preferences. Depending on the package you pick, you’ll even have access to these three amazing much-watch television shows.

1. Vikings (2013)

Who knew the History Channel could be so exciting? Vikings is a historical drama loosely based on the sagas of legendary Norse hero Viking Ragnar Lothbrok. It was filmed in Ireland and premiered in Canada on March 3, 2013, and is still going strong till this day with a sixth (and final) season airing this year.

The series has been recognized for its use of authentic costumes and settings, as well as powerful storytelling with compelling characters. Ragnar rises to great heights, but not without the usual sex and violence that has come to be popular in historical dramas.

2. The Handmaid’s Tale (2017)

This popular television show is based off Canadian best-selling author Margaret Atwood’s book of the same name. Set in a dystopian future, The Handmaid’s Tale is about a world where birth rates are steadily dropping due to environmental factors and in response, the government forces fertile women into sexual servitude. The story follows one of these “handmaidens” named Offred (formerly June Osborne) and her struggle to survive in the new world created by the totalitarian government Gilead.

There are currently three seasons and it has been renewed for a fourth season.

3. Veronica Mars (2004)

Veronica Mars and her crime-solving antics first hit TV screens in 2004 and closed off in 2007 – that was until 2014 when a movie was released for the fans in a celebration of everything they loved about the series. With the popularity of the movie the show creators were able to create a new Season 4 available on Hulu in 2019, and a Season 5 is even in the works.

Fans love Veronica Mars because of its witty dialogue and the main character who went from being the popular girl to a sarcastic loner who focuses too much of her time on solving crime. It’s noted for being much grittier than what you would expect from a series starring a high school girl. Season 4 takes place five years after the end of Season 3 and is even darker than the original series.

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