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4 Wearable Tech Trends that are Making Waves

Two decades into the millennium, wearables are a pervasive lifestyle and health-enhancing staple. Smartwatches offer the most accessible and personal methods of tracking diet, sleep, exercise, heart rate and blood pressure. Still, the innovation in hardware and apps for wearables looks ahead to even more remarkable offerings.

Smart rings and even smart fingernails point toward some key developments in wearable tech on the way. Consider some key developments in wearable tech that are ripe for inspiration — especially if you’re an entrepreneur looking to enter the space in 2019.

Deep Health

Or should we say deeper health? Tech assisted health and longevity apps are a growing business, and some even say the market has become oversaturated, but wearables promise to open up new niche spaces in the health and wellness space.

Today, astounding projects are underway. Nanowear is a company developing smart fabric with the potential to diagnose and evaluate life-threatening conditions such as congestive heart failure. These sensor-enabled textiles must undergo the rigours of clinical trials to qualify as medical devices, but there is a lot of promise and a lot of room for such fabrics to find consumer-facing applications.

Athletic Performance

Tracking movement statistics found an audience beyond runners with the introduction of the Apple Watch. Now wearables research by Dorsavi in the UK is honing in on injury prevention by customizing the fit of shoes. Using sensors to collect data to analyze gait and form, wearable tech can recommend the best fit for an active body.

Social Sharing Integration

With people endlessly sharing their breakfast pics on Instagram and their Runkeeper stats on Facebook, the trend of users sharing their lives for others to see isn’t going anywhere.

Any current Instagram or Youtube influencer knows the importance of integrating your social media into your life, but wearable tech offers a new level of convenience and immediacy as wearables not only know what we’re up to but can broadcast our stats to the world through the social media site of our choice with minimal effort on our part.

Devices such as smartwatches and the Google Lens are taking charge in a new era of sharing, as the process of updating our friends is becoming more immediate.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

Portable, discrete means of accessing AR and VR are the goal in 2019. Google glasses invited too much derision with their conspicuous, geeky style. Alternatively, Vue is developing a smart frame that stealthily sends notifications using bone conduction in the skull.

Peex has taken another approach to the concept of “augmented” reality by focusing on the auditory environment rather than the visual and informational. They are developing a headphone that would allow the wearer to adjust the ambient sound the way one would in a stereo. At a concert, poor acoustics can be tweaked according to personal preferences.

A great idea can come from anywhere. No longer is software development confined to a narrow group of coders. Real world experience can translate into a successful, marketable app simply by collaborating with an effective team of app developers who are dedicated to bringing your vision to life.

Businesses looking to reach customers and intra-organizational users in innovative ways now have the ease of teaming up with app developers who will be there at every step — from defining the scope, to creating wireframe visualizations, through to testing and quality assurance. Lean development keeps man hours and turns around time to a minimum. There has never been a richer time for creating a successful app or app-integrated product.

With the future of mobile technology now clearly headed in the direction of wearables, there’s never been a better time to introduce your app into the market.

Eventually, this technology will replace the smartphone just as surely as the smartphone replaced so many devices before it. If your business is prepared for this transition, it will likely be ahead of the curve as wearables take over in the next 10 years, giving you a leg up on the competition.

Consider the developments above to help inspire you, and then connect with the right mobile app development team to help get your ground-breaking app idea off the ground!

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