7 of the Best Apple Watch Apps That You Must Download

7 of the Best Apple Watch Apps That You Must Download

An Apple Watch on your wrist is more than just a shiny gadget. It’s smart wearable technology that helps you get places, save money, tell the weather, and be healthier. These are the best Apple Watch apps to do all of those things and more. Make the most of your Apple Watch and try these out:

1.    STREAKS, $4.99

The idea is simple: every time you complete a task, you build a streak. STREAKS is a to-do list that helps you form better habits and eliminate bad habits through live data tracking. The data and streak length work to motivate you to complete small actions consistently and achieve your goal.

2.    Pennies, $5.49

A popular iPhone app, Pennies is a budget app that’s also available for the Apple Watch. After setting up a budget on the iPhone, the Apple Watch app shows you a glance of the status of your spending allowances for the day.

3.    Dark Sky, $3.99

Dark Sky is the ultimate weather app that gives you highly-accurate forecasts – down to the minute. It’s “like magic” with a slick design and animations that with a flick of the wrist, you can know the minute it will start raining.

4.    Shazam, Free

Technology has finally solved the problem of finding the title of a good song as soon as you hear it and now it’s even faster. There’s no more googling partial lyrics hoping for the best, just tap your Apple Watch.

5.    Citymapper, Free

We’ve come a long way since the days of printing out MapQuest directions to get to where we need to be. Citymapper on the Apple Watch gives you live updates and real time directions that tell you exactly how long and when to walk, wait, and go. It’s available for many major cities dependent on public transit.

6.    Trivia Crack, Free

Spin Willy the Wheel without taking your phone out and use all your turns on Trivia Crack. Prove you’re smarter than all of your friends and learn even more new information playing Trivia Crack on your Apple Watch

7.    Noted., Free

Noted. is the godsend note taking app that records audio that uses Machine Learning features to cut out periods of silence, background noise, and applause. The best part is that with just a tap, you can use a TimeTag for key moments that you can conveniently access across all platforms. Now the Apple Watch gives you the convenience of recording as soon as you need. The free version only allows up to 5 notes, so for people who will be using it often would be better off with the monthly subscription at $2.49 or a yearly subscription at $23.99.

8.    Carrot Fit, $4.99

If a rude awakening is what you need to get fit, then the Carrot Fit app is the health and fitness app for you. CARROT uses a deprecating attitude to motivate you the “tubby human” to meet your fitness goals. Get kicked into shape and monitor your progress with a fun, sassy app like Carrot Fit.

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