Albums Dropping this Summer to Get Excited For

Albums Dropping this Summer to Get Excited For

Summer is unquestionably one of the greatest seasons to be a music fan; there are tons of festivals to attend, and many artists often focus their energy on creating the next big summer hit. Additionally, artists frequently prioritize the release of the albums they’ve been working on in the summer to coincide with tour dates and music festival performances.

Kiss’s Alive!, The Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, and Prince and the Revolution’s Purple Rain were all released in the summer, and this year several more albums will undoubtedly join the list of “best summer albums of all time.”

Below are the most anticipated albums dropping this summer.

No.6 Collaborations Project

The latest album coming from Ed Sheeran, this will be his fourth studio album, and every track on it will include a featured artist. His two singles, “I Don’t Care,” featuring Justin Bieber, and “Cross Me,” featuring Chance the Rapper and PnB Rock will be on it, along with 13 other tracks for a total of 15.

No.6 Collaborations Project is a follow up to an EP Sheeran released in 2011, entitled: No.5 Collaborations Project, and according to Sheeran, he began working on this new album while touring. It’s scheduled for release on July 12.

Fever Dream

The third studio album from the Icelandic band Of Monsters and Men, “Fever Dream” will include their latest single Alligator, and several limited-edition vinyl copies will be available for purchase through their website.

Fever Dream is scheduled for release July 26.


The third studio album from EDM artist, Illenium, Ascend will be the culmination of the artist’s trilogy of albums exploring overcoming adversity, the first two of which were LP’s Ashes and Awake.

Scheduled for release August 16, the release of Ascend will be accompanied with a North American tour for Illenium, which will take place over four months from September to December.


The seventh studio album from T-Swift, Lover will stray slightly from the themes of her previous albums. After gaining notoriety for writing songs about her relationships—specifically the endings of her relationships—Swift has said her latest album will focus on romance.

However, she has indicated you can find romance in loneliness or sadness, which hints at a potential to still find a song or two on the album about heartbreak.

Lover will feature he latest singles “Me” and  “You Need to Calm Down,” and is scheduled for release on August 23.


The third album from the American folk-rock band Lumineers comes out at the tail end of the summer and will be broken down into three chapters, each detailing the life and events of a fictional family from the Sparks family.

Jeremiah Fraites, co-founder of Lumineers, said of the album: “This collection of songs worked out in a beautiful way, and I feel with this album we’ve really hit our stride.”

III will include 10 tracks and three bonus tracks for a total of 13, and it is scheduled for release on September 13.

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