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Spring Yarn Crafting for Kids of All Ages

The weather is finally starting to look sunny and bright, which means that it’s time for children everywhere to rejoice. It’s time to get the bikes out of the garage, fill that basketball up with air, break out the kids’ running shoes, and let them make the most of the lovely spring weather. But if there’s one thing that the spring is known for, it’s that you can count on there being some rainy days where there’s nothing to do but stay indoors.

What do you do with kids who want to do something exciting but are stuck inside when the weather’s unideal? Whether you’re a teacher, parent, aunt, or uncle, you’ll appreciate these spring yarn crafts that are perfect for keeping kids busy on those rainy spring days.

Don’t get caught off guard by those spring showers. Head on over to your favourite online yarn retailer for a great selection of Bernat yarn and project ideas, too. Once you’re stocked up with yarn supplies you’ll be ready to entertain the young ones with these amazing, fun, and easy-to-make projects. 

Make a Rainbow out of Yarn

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Kids don’t have to be able to knit or crochet to do exciting things with yarn. Before the rain stops and a real rainbow fills the sky, why not have them make their own colourful rainbows using just yarn, scissors, construction paper and glue? To start, have the kids cut out a rainbow silhouette out of construction paper (or, if they’re on the younger side, go ahead and do this for them).

From there, all they have to do is cut small snippets of the colours of the rainbow and glue them into place on the paper. Cotton balls at both ends of the rainbow for clouds complete the effect. This craft will look pretty nice and it will also offer a bit of an educational opportunity for all the kids who have yet to learn about ROYGBIV.

Finger Knitting

For kids who are eager to learn new things, finger knitting makes for a fantastic indoor activity. Using just their hands and whichever color of yarn that they fancy, the little ones will be able to learn this activity quickly and they’ll be entertained for hours.

What’s great about teaching kids to knit with their hands is that you end up giving them a fun activity that they can do while watching movies, listening to music, or while riding in the car on road trips. There’s no mess involved either, which is a major plus. Kids can make long strands that they can use as garlands for decoration or they can make something wider like a small blanket or scarf.

One-Line Yarn Art

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This craft is great for all the little Picassos out there. Using just one thread of yarn, some glue, and construction paper, kids can lay down the yarn in whichever shape they like. They can create simple but elegant pieces that encourage them to think creatively about how to create shapes with just one line.

You could get them to create images to match a story, or even get them to make a story out of just shapes. There’s really so much that kids can do with yarn that there’s no reason to be bored on a rainy day again.

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