Check Out the Up-and-Coming Podcasts from Every Genre

Check Out the Up-and-Coming Podcasts from Every Genre

The Renaissance of radio shows comes to us in the form of podcasts. This era of audio shows can do so much more than its airwave reliant predecessor. The Internet allows mass access to unlimited content that for any niche you can imagine. Subjects range from classic genres like comedy, news, and sports to lesser known history, social commentary, and a notably tremendous demand of true crime content. Unlike radio shows that were limited by network restrictions and corporate control, the podcast cuts these middlemen for radio and grows its success directly from its audience.

If you have room for new podcast shows while you wait for new episodes from your usual favorites, try out these podcasts that are making their way to the top of the charts:

News Podcast – CBC News: World Report

Get succinct, yet detailed international news coverage in 10-minute episodes with hosts Nil Köksal and Marcia Young.

Comedy Podcast – Life is Short with Justin Long

Do you remember the Apple commercials where Justin Long played the personified Mac opposite John Hodgman who played his competitor, PC? Well, Justin Long has grown since then and looks for the answers to life-long questions he’s always had through conversations with celebrities, friends, and family.

Sports Podcast – The Big Podcast with Shaq

The Big Podcast is no different than anything else Shaq-related, it’s…well, big. Bigger than sports, that is and Shaq shares his take on news, entertainment, controversies, and being Shaq.

History Podcast – Lore

Do you want to know all the scary, true stories from the past? Keep the lights on and grab a blanket for safety while you listen to Aaron Mahnke share his knowledge of everything spooky and true.

True Crime Podcast – Someone Knows Something by CBC

Follow filmmaker, writer, and the host of the podcast David Ridgen as he dives into a cold case each season. He joins the victim’s friends, family, and others close to the case to search for leads that could finally be the key to solve the case.

American Politics Podcast – Can He Do That?

America under President Trump can be upsetting, confusing, and downright frustrating. But gain insight with The Washington Post political podcast with host Allison Michaels who dissects the power and limitations of American presidency.

Science Podcast – Science Rules! with Bill Nye 

You might have grown up learning the role of science in real-life situations by watching everyone’s favorite scientist, Bill Nye (the Science Guy), on his educational show. Now that you can understand more complex topics, learn even more from Bill Nye on his podcast.

Society & Culture Podcast – Freakonomics Radio

Authors of the renowned book, Freakonomics, discuss current social issues through an economic lens and share the “dark side” of money you might not know about.

The Number One Podcast on iTunes – Man in The Window: The Golden State Killer

Now, you might recall that after decades of terror by the hands of the infamous Golden State Killer, he was finally caught using DNA technology. Listen as Paige St. John outlines the events leading to his arrest


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