Finally! An Apple Computer That is Repairable

Finally! An Apple Computer That is Repairable

Apple fans are known for wanting to get the next best thing, but not everyone can afford that so some will try to fix the computers they’ve got and some may even enjoy doing it!

The New Apple Mac Pro Computer is Repairable

iFixit is a wiki-based site where individuals with technical knowledge can share what they know with people who need to find out how to fix things.

iFixit rated Apple Mac Pro as a nine out of ten for repairability.

What Makes it Easier to Fix

What makes the Mac Pro easier to fix is it is easy to open, and components can be replaced without having to use tools.

The components themselves have step numbers and diagrams printed on them, so you know you have the right component, and you’re guided step by step.

Replacements and Upgrade Parts

A big part of being repairable is availability of replacement parts and upgrades for its parts. For example, if instead of using Apple name-brand upgrades you are able to upgrade the machine’s RAM with parts that are third-party and off-the-shelf you will save a lot of money!

Apple Has Designed Products Specifically to be Unrepairable

All the tech companies make their products unrepairable, but Apple is one of the most outstanding because of its influence on a larger consuming population.

It’s all about sales. It is in their best interest to make it so that it is easier to toss a device than it is to deal with something like the battery life of a device getting worse.

Or they come out with a shiny new advanced model with a feature we somehow can’t do without that makes a device we were perfectly happy with seem tossable.

In addition, advocacy groups accuse Apple of keeping neutral standards groups from carrying out environmentally friendly actions that would prevent more new units to be manufactured by increasing device longevity.

This is How They Make It More Difficult to Repair Their Products

Some of the ways they make their product more difficult to repair is using screws specific to Apple, unibody enclosures, and other manufacturing and design tricks so that only Apple or experts can repair their devices.

Batteries are a significant problem. Apple glues them to other components or hides them among complex parts.

This results in consumers trading in or discarding models that are only 18-24 months old.

There is a Whole Right to Repair Movement

In the past, Apple has vigorously fought right to repair legislation in New York, and has even been known to ask lawmakers privately to kill legislation.

There is a push for right to repair legislation in the state of California, where a lawmaker has pointed out that the onus is on Apple to give legitimate reasons why people can’t repair their own devices, and what damage or danger it causes them.

Apple may have made the Mac Pro repairable because they see that the tide is turning and people are demanding the right to repair their own devices.

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