5 Foods That are Surprisingly Keto-Friendly

By now, you’ve clearly had a friend or coworker tell you how much weight they’ve lost on the Keto Diet… whether you asked them or not.

Everyone seems to be “going keto” these days, as it is proving to be an incredibly effective way to trim down, with some people seeing drastic results.

Most people who don’t try it assume that they will carb-starve, and a life without bread, chips or sugar is not one worth living.

However, before you write it off completely, you should know a few foods that you are still allowed to eat.

1. Bacon

It seems so counter-intuitive. You’ve likely been ducking bacon for most of your dietary life. But now, on keto, it’s some sort of super food.

You can pretty much bacon-up everything you eat when you’re on keto. There is no need to be shy with this carb-less and sugarless stomach-filler that you will probably never (EVER) get sick of.

2. Shawarma

It was a huge win when I discovered this one. One of the big frustrations of being on keto is having a tough time eating out. You’re likely having a bun-less burger and Caesar salad at most sit-down restaurants that your friends will want to go to.

You may find you’re even more annoyed when trying to grab a quick bite on the go, as your favorite Mexican, sub, pizza and pita joints are now closed to you. So still being able to enjoy quality shawarma is a huge dietary win.

As long as you skip the rice or potatoes (marginal loss at worst), you can still get a plate and go nuts on the meat, garlic sauce, and tahini.

Something like Osmow’s Just Chicken meal is filling, fantastic and fully keto.

3. Pork Rinds

Giving up potato chips and nachos may cause you to miss having a bit of salty crunch in your diet.

You can fill this void with pork rinds when you’re on keto. They’re low carb, zero sugar and can disappear in a hurry, just like potato chips.

4. Wings

If you can stay away from deeply breaded or sugary sauce-covered wings, you will still have an amazing low-carb, high fat and high protein meal.

Look for non-breaded chicken or turkey wings with a dry rub for flavor. Or they’re if they’re spicy (rather than sweet, or smoky), odds are they’re using a cayenne-based sauce like Franks Hot sauce, so you should be safe. Something like these President’s Choice Turkey Wings are a great option to make at home.

5. Renee’s Salad Dressing

Essentially, the entire Renee’s line of rich and creamy salad dressing is about to be your new best friend. You might be used to “going easy” on the salad dressing, making sure you don’t ruin the dietary value. But now, there is no need to pace yourself.

You can put a copious amount on your salad, or dip your veggies in it. But, stay away from carrots and baby carrots, as they are shockingly high in sugar.

We highly recommend Renee’s Blue Cheese Dressing on the dry rub wings we mentioned above.

See, that doesn’t look so bad, does it? If you can make a meal plan out of these treats, you will do just fine on keto.

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