Never Too Old- Birthday Party Ideas for Fun Adults

Never Too Old: Birthday Party Ideas for Fun Adults

In your 20s, it seemed like every single birthday was an “event” – after all, you hadn’t had that many of them. But as you get older, the fun starts to fizzle out sometimes, and it can be harder to rally your friends for a fun night out.

That is partially because everyone has more obligations now than they did before, but in part, it’s also because people are unimaginative when it comes to picking a birthday idea. Another restaurant, another bar, another awkward house party… much like yourself, those kinds of birthdays get old at a certain point.

Instead of going for the obvious choices, why not try one of these fun birthday ideas. The following is a list of adult-tested, adult-approved ways to have an amazing birthday party.

Go Axe Throwing

ax throwing

It’s like a bowling alley on steroids. The sport consists, essentially, of hurling real axes at wooden targets in an attempt to hit the bullseye, and when you go axe throwing with your friends you turn it into a round robin competition. When you book a lane for a party, you’ll be greeted by an axe-throwing guru who trains everyone inaccurately, safely and effectively throwing an axe. Then it’s competition time. Here’s a video, for reference, of what it looks like in action.

Go “Glamping”


Why leave the luxury at home when you go camping? Why not bring all the luxury of being indoors, to the outdoors. “Glamping” – a cheeky portmanteau of “glamorous camping” – is a style of camping that’s just a little ritzier than your average tent-and-fire set up. This article from Sunset has some nifty tips for turning a camping party into a glamping party, but the principle is pretty straightforward: pack all the entertainment and all the creature comforts you possibly can and go find a scenic spot to camp.

Go to a Karaoke Lounge

birthday ideas

Want to belt out a Celine Dion hit, but don’t necessarily love the idea of singing to a crowd of drunken bar patrons? Book a private karaoke lounge room to get the best of both worlds. If your city has a Koreatown, or anything similar, that’s often the best place to start looking. Most karaoke lounges rent by the half-hour and have an extensive songbook from which to choose. And most serve booze too, so you can have a couple of drinks before it’s your turn to sing!

Go to Medieval Times

birthday ideas

No, seriously. If you can get over the corniness factor, Medieval Times is just a good, kitschy evening of fun, complete with a meal, entertainment and drinks. It’s not high art, by any means, but it’s fun for what it is. To make things interesting, you could always wager a drink or two on the outcome. If you have a Medieval Times near you (and the numbers are dwindling) go for it.

Who says birthday parties have to stop when you become an adult? They definitely don’t! Ditch the tired old restaurant birthday, rally together your best friends, and try one of these four awesome birthday party ideas.

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