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Fun Summer Activities for Seniors

People aren’t as active during the winter months as they are in the spring or summer since, for the most part, people tend to hibernate inside, hiding from the cold, stormy weather.

For the majority of North Americans, summer is often the time of year to lavish in the sunshine. The summer is a time for Seniors to shake off those winter blahs and enjoy the fresh air.

Sitting around indoors for months isn’t good for Seniors’ joints, bones, or mental health, so pack your sunscreen and water bottle, and soak up some much-needed vitamin D with these fun summer activities with the beloved Seniors in your life.

Go for a walk or a light jog

Whether you’re walking or in a wheelchair, getting outside and enjoying nature is a great way to keep the mind and body in shape. It’s a fun activity to do with friends, family, individually, or even with a dog by your side!

There are of course a couple of important factors to keep in mind before starting a walk or a jog: making sure Seniors stretch is always number one. Loosening up joints before exercise is critical, especially for Seniors, because injuries are too risky. Check out these handy stretches for Seniors that you might want to apply to your workout routine.

It’s also important to remember sunscreen. Depending on how sensitive your skin is, always apply at least 30 SPF, and don’t forget to reapply every two to three hours.

Go to an Outdoor Film

What better way to spend a beautiful summer evening than in a park with friends or family watching a favourite film on a giant screen?

There is usually free entry, outdoor cinema has risen in popularity over the last couple of years, and it’s a great opportunity to enjoy beautiful summer evenings that we dream about throughout the rest of the year.

Don’t forget to bring lots of water to stay hydrated and a blanket in case it gets cold, and check out this list of exciting outdoor movie nights that Toronto will host this summer.

Practice Chair Yoga in the Garden

There are so many health benefits to practicing yoga — including strength building, improved mobility, balancing stress and maintaining strong mental health.

Practicing chair yoga is a popular activity among Seniors and as long as there is somewhere to sit (whether it is in a chair or a wheelchair), it can be practiced anytime and anywhere — including a sunny beautiful backyard, park, or garden.

Have a Picnic

Pack a basket with your favourite snacks and a big blanket, invite a few loved ones (or perhaps just enjoy the company of yourself), and have an afternoon picnic. Go to a park with lots of trees so you can sit in the shade in case it gets too hot, bring lots of water to keep yourself hydrated, sunscreen, a book or two.

A little bit of nature has been proven to keep us happier and healthier, and we must enjoy the Summer sunshine while it lasts!

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