PVC ID cards

Just How Secure is a PVC ID Card Printing System?

If you were to judge purely on how popular ID card technology has become, then you might assume that PVC security badges are the most invulnerable protection device ever invented. But do you know how effective is your system really is or how it works?

Where Are ID Cards Used?

The range of professional uses for ID cards is astounding – even people working in the most dangerous and important professions – like military, police and emergency services units – trust their lives and others to the reliability of their identity badges every day.

The Many Uses of PVC Security Cards

Due to the fact that PVC ID cards offer a resilient security device, are capable of containing a number of useful technologies and are inexpensive to make, they are used for a variety of purposes by a number of different industries. Some of these include:

  • Personnel Management
  • Equipment Tracking
  • Company Branding
  • Visitor Passes
  • Digitally Enhanced Business Cards

If you didn’t realize it before, it should be clear by now how abundant this security technology is and that it can be used in many ways.


What is PVC and How is It Made?

You may already be aware that security ID cards are used in a wide array of industries, but did you know this technology is made from a kind of plastic that makes it affordable while also versatile. Due to the fact that it is so versatile, PVC, or Polyvinyl Chloride, is used in a vast number of everyday products as well.

Security Technology Used in ID Cards

Because PVC is so versatile, it can also carry a number of different security technologies for the purpose of personnel management and controlling access to sensitive areas. One of the oldest card reading technologies still in use today is magnetic strip reading capabilities. Although magnetic strips have been in use since they were invented during World War II for data storage, this technology is still widely used today and can provide an effective layer of security.

Some of the newer security technologies that can be included in ID cards includes:

  • High-resolution colour photos
  • Digital proximity card reading
  • Holographic lamination
  • Smart chip with data encoding
  • Overlay protection

Used separately, or in conjunction, depending on the security requirements of the user, these various levels of security technology provide an excellent defence against counterfeiting attempts.


Other Uses of Similar Technology

Besides the industries that use security ID card printing systems, some of the most sensitive businesses employ similar security technology to prevent criminals from access. For example, banking cards use smart chips, magnetic strips, and proximity reading to allow millions of quick and secure financial transactions to occur every day.

No business should risk operating without some kind of security system in place. Now that you have gained a better understanding of how PVC cards are made and how they work, contact a complete security ID card printing solutions provider to learn more about how you can bring this reliable technology to service at your company.

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