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Keep Your Restaurant’s Kitchen Organized with This Software

There’s a lot more to running a successful restaurant than offering diners fresh ingredients in exciting recipes; restaurants are a complex business, and there’s a reason why so many millennial restaurateurs running small- and medium-sized restaurants have looked to modern software that helps them organize their operations.

Read on to see how you can help keep your restaurant’s kitchen organized with employee scheduling software.

Staffing Schedules Made Easy, Quickly

Employee scheduling software is designed to fix your scheduling issues for your entire staff, from the kitchen to the waiters and everybody else. This new software can reduce the time it takes to create a responsive schedule everyone loves by as much as 80%, which keeps your staff working where they’re most effective. The amount of time colleagues spend outside work making phone calls and text messages with each other to help create the work schedule gets reduced by 70%.

This eases what can be a frustrating and time-consuming process, but it also leads to direct gains for your budget — your restaurant will save between 1-3% in labor costs as a result. Your cooks will love how much smoother the process of schedule creation is, and how much freer they feel to focus on food.

Streamlined Communications

One of the ironies about modern technology is that there are so many devices and methods of communication that sometimes the wires get crossed, and staying connected actually becomes more complicated. Employee scheduling software is designed to cut through this, and it provides powerful modern tools that keep everybody in the know, quickly.

Chat groups can be customized to include only those who need to stay in touch — a manager can contact the entire team if they need to be informed about a new lunch special, for example, but the groups can be limited to certain departments or teams as needed. The kitchen staff will only receive messages that they need to be briefed on, and are otherwise free to do their job undisturbed.

Manager-Facing Dashboards

One of the essential aspects of running an efficient kitchen is having an informed sense of everything going on it, both in terms of hard data related to costs and expenses and consulting the eyes and ears of your front-line staff. Employee scheduling software gives you powerful tools to gain both types of understanding.

The manager-facing dashboards clearly presents vital stats like total sales, labor costs, and labor as a percentage of costs in real time, so you always have the latest data. It’s also easy to compare it against past weeks, so your restaurant’s economic health is easy to track.

But there’s also a special section for employees to leave feedback, as well as rate the shift. When what’s going on in the kitchen isn’t reflected in the hard data, this software still gives you the full picture.

The restaurant industry is notoriously challenging, so modern tools like employee scheduling software that keep the kitchen organized cannot be overlooked — get yours today, so all your cooks have to focus on is cooking.

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