Studying to Work in Automation

Train for the Paradox: Studying to Work in Automation

It sounds surprising, but many automated processes inside factories cannot be carried out without human employees there to assist. While the topic of automation is usually framed as something which threatens employment, it is also what saved North American manufacturing from competition unleashed by globalization, which had the advantage of cheaper labour and fewer regulations.

In other words, there might not even be a manufacturing sector left her to work in, if it weren’t for automation. Not only that, but there are good careers to be had working in North American factories alongside automation.

Here is what you can expect when you take in-class or online lessons in metrology.

In-Class Metrology Studies

When you want to signup for CMM programmer certification training you need to look for the industry leaders in metrology, who are often authorized dealers of metrology equipment. Beyond just being in sales, they offer lessons with the equipment, and nobody in the industry has more experience teaching. Metrology is a niche subject, and they are the experts.

When you register for in-class metrology sessions you’ll get the benefit of handling high-grade CMM machines like an Equator, ROMER Arm and Bridge CMM. While reading about this equipment can teach you a lot, there’s nothing quite like tactile experience that only comes when you handle the machines themselves.

In-class sessions meet the different specialties and levels of advancement out there: PC-DMIS levels 1/2/3, PC-DMIS CAD++, PC-DMIS Portable, PC-DMIS Pro, Datapage+, Polyworks and Quindos.

You can also take specialized courses in Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing which will make sure that you’ve absorbed the fundamentals. There will be tests and quizzes to confirm you’ve reached an operational level of understanding. The lessons should take between 1-5 days to complete.

Online Metrology Lessons

You can get the fundamentals of metrology without even entering a physical classroom. Students can get training in PC-DMIS Portable, PC-DMIS levels 1/2, and MODUS for Renishaw Equator. Online learning offers you unparalleled convenience, as you can get metrology lessons without having to leave your home or your place of work.

After you’re finished you’ll receive a certificate of completion, tangible proof you’ve learned all the skills in the module.

The world is changing rapidly, and how North America’s manufacturing industry evolves years from now is unclear. But it’s smart to be familiar with the machines whose role in factories around the continent is outsized and only getting larger. Automation will create job loss in places, but those jobs may have already disappeared if it weren’t for automation.

Whether you own a factory and you need to keep ahead of the employment trends, or you are a worker looking to pro-actively keep your skills relevant and in demand, you need to be prepared for the future. Automation has been a tidal wave, and you can choose to either be drowned by it or learn to ride it by training alongside CMM machines.

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