Little Tricks That Will Improve Your Galaxy S9

Little Tricks That Will Improve Your Galaxy S9

Right now, you see article after article about Samsung’s new Galaxy S10 series on your feed, letting you know how to set up features and improve the user experience. If you own the S10’s predecessor, you don’t have to suffer from a serious case of FOMO. Follow these little tricks to improve your Galaxy S9 in a hurry:

Give It a Makeover

If you haven’t been treating your smartphone with kid gloves, it’s going to look a little worn out after a year. It will have micro scratches, scuff marks and small signs of cosmetic damage. When you take a close look at it, you can see the evidence of every time you slid it roughly across a table and dropped it onto the floor.

Look at the coolest Samsung Galaxy skins out there to see how you can protect your phone and keep any signs of damage at bay. Pair the skin with a new durable screen protector. That way, every inch of the S9 is guarded.

The vinyl skin is also an excuse to spruce up your phone’s look. Choose a skin in a gorgeous design like white marble, gold or black dragon scale. It will cover up a multitude of sins, from scratches to scrapes.

Speed It Up

If you’re noticing that your S9 is slow, you need to do a little experimenting. Try closing all of your apps and then restarting the phone to see if it makes a difference.

Look through your apps and see if there are any that you can remove for the sake of speed. Delete ones that you don’t need or that you haven’t used for six months. You can also go into Settings to Device Management and see how much room each app takes up. You can always replace storage-hogging apps with alternatives that perform the same tasks while taking up a lot less space.

To really speed up your Galaxy S9 you should put it in Developer Mode by going into Settings, then into About Phone and click on Software Information. Go to Build Number and tap on it seven times. Once that’s enabled, go back into the Settings to reduce the numbers in Window Animation Scale, Animator Duration Scale and Transition Animation Scale. After trimming down the scales, restart your phone.

Get Rid of Bixby

A lot of Samsung users don’t like the virtual assistant Bixby and find its features to be inconsistent or lacking. If you’re one of the users who would rather Bixby was off of their phone, there are ways that you can get rid of it.

One of the biggest issues with the S9 is that the Bixby Home button is on the left side of the phone, which is really easy to hit by accident. Every time you pick up your device a little too quickly, the assistant pops up to greet you. To disable the feature, swipe to the left of your home screen to get to Bixby Home, go into the settings cog in the top corner and toggle off the option to open up Bixby Home with the button.

If you want, you can remap the Bixby button to open up another app like your Twitter, Instagram or email. Choose an app that you love.

To get Bixby off your phone, start by going into the Bixby Home settings and toggling off Bixby Voice. Now, you won’t have to deal with its voice recognition feature. Then disable Bixby Home by pressing on an area of the touchscreen with no apps and waiting for your home screen settings to pop up. When the settings come up, swipe left to find Bixby Home and toggle it off.

The assistant should be off your screen after this! As a bonus, removing Bixby features is one of the best tricks for extending your S9’s battery life and guaranteeing that your device doesn’t hit 0% when you need it most.

Smartphone envy is completely normal. You’re going to look at the S10 series and feel a pang of longing at the shiny new tech, but don’t let that feeling push you to make an expensive and unnecessary purchase. Your S9 doesn’t need to be replaced. It just needs a little bit of a makeover.

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