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Most Anticipated Albums Dropping This Year

So far, we’ve been gifted with some pretty good music already in 2019. From Ariana Grande’s Thank U, Next; to Schoolboy Q’s Crash Talk; to Kehlani’s While We Wait, we’ve been spoiled so far this year. However, there’s still more to come. These are some of the most-anticipated albums scheduled for release in 2019.

Happiness Begins—Jonas Brothers

Their first album since their famous breakup in 2013, Happiness Begins will be the groups’ first album since Live in 2013, and their first studio album since 2009. It will include their comeback single “Sucker,” and it is scheduled for release on June 7.

Madame X—Madonna

In January, 2018, Madonna announced that she was working on a new project: Madame X, which will be her fourteenth studio album, and her first since 2015. Madame X will include the Queen of Pop’s latest singles “Medellin” and “Crave,” and is scheduled for release June 14.

Doom Days—Bastille

Doom Days will be the British Indie pop band’s third studio album. It has been described as a concept album about “the importance of escapism, hope and the preciousness of close friendships.” The album will include their three latest singles: “Quarter Past Midnight,” “Doom Days,” and “Joy,” and it’s scheduled for release on June 14.

Indigo—Chris Brown

The controversial singer announced he will be releasing his ninth studio Album this summer at his birthday party. Indigo is expected to feature collaborations with Drake and Justin Bieber among others. According to “Breezy,” the album is scheduled to be released June 21st. However, he has admitted there could be a delay that would push the album’s release to the 28th of June.

Let’s Rock—The Black Keys

Let’s Rock will be the duo’s ninth studio album. It’s been described as “an homage to electric guitar,” and it will include their latest three singles: “Lo/Hi,” “Eagle Birds,” and “Go;” it’s scheduled for release June 28.

No.6 Collaborations Project—Ed Sheeran

Announced in late May, No.6 Collaborations Project will be Sheeran’s fourth studio album. Part of the appeal of the forthcoming album is the fact that every track (there will be 15) will feature another artist performing with Sheeran. Singles “I Don’t Care” featuring Justin Bieber and “Cross Me” featuring Chance the Rapper and PnB Rock will be on the album, which is scheduled for release on July 12.

Yandhi—Kanye West

Originally announced in September 2018, Yandhi will be West’s ninth studio album. Part of the reason for the anticipation for this album is the fact that it was supposed to drop over a year ago, but it has been delayed twice. According to West, the first delay was due to his desire to seek inspiration from Africa, while the second delay was due to his revelation that it simply wasn’t ready. While there is no official release date yet, it’s expected to come out in 2019.

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