Planning a Summer Birthday Party for your Kids

Planning a Summer Birthday Party for your Kids is Easy!

Yes, kids’ summer birthday parties can be easy and fun to create and enjoy with your child. From themed parties to outdoor activities, there is so much you can do during this season of fine weather to entertain the kids. Here are some easy, cheap and, most importantly, fun party ideas you can create for a kid’s birthday party this summer.

Backyard Movie

Host a backyard movie night as a great way to entertain the kids while getting to sit back yourself. Pop some corn, set down some old blankets and hang a white sheet as the screen. All you’ll need is a projector and your backyard will be set like a good ol’ fashioned drive-in.

Beach-less Beach Party

Grab a couple of kiddie pools, blow up a few beach balls and set out snacks and bubble sticks in sand-castle-making buckets. Set up a badminton or volleyball court, lay down some towels for seating, and have coolers full of drinks for the kids to enjoy. Using all the aesthetics and objects of a day at the beach, bringing the fun of waves and sand to your own home is an easy party idea.

Carnival Party

Throw a carnival party for your kids that they won’t soon forget! Set-up can be as easy as you want to make it; hang colourful sheets as a backdrop, have a face paint station, and create games yourself out of household materials. For instance:

  • Fish Pond: Fill a large bin or box with blue paper cut into rectangles (the “water”), and a few cuts into the shape of fish with paperclips on their noses. Hang a magnet on the end of a string attached to a stick and let the kids catch the fish to win prizes.
  • Beanbag Toss: Fill Ziplock bags with rice and cut holes in a rectangle of cardboard that is slightly larger than the Ziplocks. Prop the board up with rocks or bricks and have the kids stand behind a line to toss the bags.
  • Ring Toss: Place some painted old glass bottles in a crate and draw a line behind which kids have to stand to throw plastic rings (which can be purchased at the dollar store).

Forest Adventure

If you have a smaller group of kids or more supervisors, take the party-goers on a romp through a nearby forest or walking trail. Provide compasses and maps so the kids can track their route; bring binoculars and magnifying glasses so they can take a good look at the nature around them, and collect cool rocks for them to take home.

Ice-Cream Social

Other than the creamy, sugary sweet, what else could this party entail? How about a game of “pin the cherry on the ice cream cone,” a cherry on a spoon race, letting kids decorate their own ice cream cone cupcakes, or having a taste-test competition? There are lots of ways to run away with the ice cream theme, all of which kids are sure to love!

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