Some of the Coolest Summer Fashion Trends

Some of the Coolest Summer Fashion Trends

Summer is here and it’s time to freshen up your look! Here is your guide to some summer 2019 fashion trends you need to be aware of.

Utilitarian Theme

This summer is bringing us utility and practicality. Thick trousers and belts, as well as full-on boiler suits, are all the rage. Remember when jumpsuits were the must-have item? Fashionistas are now going for more of a utility edge with these chic suits.


Fall was cowboy boots, summer we’re taking the fringe to all other clothes. Give the edges of your clothes an edge with fringes. This carefree look is not only a Coachella look, but is not marking its space up and down the fashion districts of your nearest city. On shirts, dresses and pants, fringes are a fun way to inject a little western fashion into your wardrobe.

Bike Shorts

That’s right—you can sport the comfort and coolness of biking shorts all summer long while keeping up with the season’s latest trends. Pair these shorts with a blazer for a more business-casual look, or go with a nice summery top for a warm summer night out. There are many ways to pull off bike shorts this summer—find the style that suits you!


For this season’s in colour, go for Lavender hues to brighten up your wardrobe. Dresses, skirts and tops in this floral colour are making a comeback, and getting a fresh look after the darker purple that was in through the fall and winter.


While Lavender will satisfy your need for subtlety, neon colors are here to add a splash of bold fun to your outfits. Whether you prefer to wear it as an accent piece or go for a full neon outfit, these exciting colours will add some zest to your summer outfits.

Puff Shoulders

Puff shoulders are back for another summer! For a bolder statement in your wardrobe, go for these puffed up arms. Big or small to suit your style, these showy shoulders outline square necklines perfectly.

Fishing Net

We are not just talking fishnet stockings here. These statement pieces like gaping crochet are a perfect way to augment an outfit of solids that need a little extra style. Whether you wear it as a shawl, skirt or on your handbag, this trend is sure to have heads turning.

Tie Dye

Remember tie-dying shirts as a kid, but never being able to wear them later because they weren’t cool anymore? Well get those shirts out again, or check out the great tie dye selections at clothing stores, for some psychedelic colorful fun this summer. There is also a wide array of sophisticated tie dye that you will be wearing to work and any other fancy events.

Animal Print

The trend that is always around, but fluctuates in popularity, is back and big again this summer. Chic and fun, these prints come in any colour and with spots of any size, you’ll be able to make many different statements.


The sun will glimmer off sequined clothes to dazzle passersby this summer. For low-key affairs, you might opt for more sparsely sequined tops and dresses, while the fully sequined look might be your go-to for more glamorous events.

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