Unlock your Homes Value with the Perfect Doors

Unlock your Homes Value with the Perfect Doors

There’s an expression that you only get one chance at a first impression; when it comes to your home, the responsibility of making the first impression often falls on the front door — it’s the first thing people see. For this reason, some realtors consider the front door to be the face of the home.

Therefore, it makes sense that changing or painting a home’s front door can also increase its value. A recent report found that front doors that are navy blue, dark grey, or charcoal can increase a house’s value by upwards of $1,500 (think of it as ‘makeup’ for the home’s ‘face’).

However, replacing a front door does more than just increase value and aesthetics; it can also increase efficiency — older doors are more likely to have holes and cracks which make them less energy-efficient, and can increase heating/cooling bills (whether a door is leaking hot or cold air, it’s going to cost more to regulate the interior temperature).

Additionally, replacing a home’s front door with a steel alternative can make a home more secure, as they’re seven times safer than wooden doors. It can also bring a 129 percent return on investment, as steel doors are often cheaper than their wooden counterparts. Steel and fiberglass doors also require less maintenance, as they are more weather-resistant, and don’t need to be repainted as often.

If you want your home to look its absolute best, your entry door system should look good too. When replacing your entry doors, you also have to consider whether a single or double door best suits your style.

While single doors are often adequate for many homes, it’s difficult to discount the baroque beauty of a grand double door entryway. Thanks to their considerable width and the fact that they act as a veritable canvas for customization, double doors offer a lot of options.

But the benefits of upgrading aren’t restricted to the front door. Replacing interior doors can completely change a home’s aesthetic, and increase its resale value, increase natural light, and decrease outside noise.

French doors are a great option for both the interior and exterior doors. Modern French door designs provide a larger entry space, and therefore make it easier to move large furniture and appliances in and out of the home, as well as providing more natural light, making the home more energy efficient.

In fact, due to their energy efficiency, many French doors can not only help home owners save money on energy costs, but they can also provide tax breaks which can cover the cost of their installation.

Additionally, replacing interior doors can decrease the chance of finding mold and mildew, as doors are one of the most common household items responsible for them (since moisture can get inside cracks).

Whether it’s for safety purposes, increasing resale value and improving curb appeal, increasing security, or simply increasing aesthetic appeal, replacing a home’s front/interior doors can provide substantial benefits in the long and short term.

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