The Coolest Summer Cars For Road Trips

The Coolest Summer Cars For Road Trips

It’s finally summer and time to plan the next great American road trip. First things first though: the key to a great road trip is a great ride. Whether you’re after comfort, style or environmental friendliness, picking the right car for your memorable trip is crucial.

The Classic

Nothing is more picturesque than a classic Volkswagen camper van trundling down the highway and teetering around corners. We can’t guarantee quality, but imagine the fun and delight of road tripping in this nostalgic ride. Plus, the money you save on hotel costs can go towards memories, adventures, and repairs.

The Adventurer

If you are planning off-road adventures over extreme terrain, a nice sturdy Jeep may be the car for you. The Wrangler features four-wheel drive for control over dicey paths, as well as a robust exterior to protect you from the elements. Inside there is lots of storage space for your gear, while ambient LED lighting and SiriusXM Satellite Radio will help you keep the party alive throughout the drive.

The Environmentalist

If it’s fuel efficiency and low gas emissions you want, look no further than the Toyota Camry Hybrid. This deceptively small car offers ample space for luggage and people, as well as 53 mpg on highways to keep you driving longer between gas stations. It is also listed by Consumer Reports as one of the best midsize sedans for fuel efficiency and comfort.

The Free Spirit

Maybe second in nostalgia to the camper van is a good ol’ road trip convertible. Feel the wind in your hair, the sun on your face and the freedom of the road in a BMW 6 series convertible or a Rolls Royce Dawn. The sleek exterior will add to the elegant look of whipping down the highway with the top down. To keep anything from flying out of the car, substantial trunk space makes up for the loss of back seat storage.

The Practical One

Want a family car that offers entertainment and comfort for everyone but doesn’t skip on quality and aesthetics? The Chevy Blaze has lots of great features to offer, including ample cargo space, front and rear collision blocking, rear vision camera, heated seats, and lane change and blind spot alerts that provide a helping hand for when your mind wanders on long drives. Meanwhile, the Bose 8-speaker audio system and rear seat entertainment systems keep the “are we there yet”s at bay.

The Elite

If you have the money to spare, why not travel in style? The Ferrari GTC4Lusso combines style, durability and comfort for a smooth ride that will have you turning heads. It is a grand tourer, designed for long distances and high speeds. Its distinct shape as a shooting brake not only provides its sleek and interesting look, but it also means more room for luggage and more headspace that your backseat passengers will thank you for. And of course, nothing beats the sound of a V12 engine revving up to start you on your journey.

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