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The Most Popular Types of Silver Coins Investors Want

Investors need a Plan B. Market growth is great – until the day it isn’t. Corrections happen, inflation happens, and purchasing power is constantly being eroded from your cash savings. What are you supposed to do?


There are a number of alternatives that you can use to hedge against inflation, market corrections, and all the other predictable setbacks to your investments. One of them is silver – and it’s never been easier to buy it in the form of bullion coins. Take a quick look at some of the most popular forms readily available right now.


American Silver Eagles


Official bullion coin of the United States, these have a high purity content (0.9999) and are created at mints in Philadelphia, San Francisco, and West Point. These are not the silver dollars many coin collectors talk about. Those have numismatic value, but lower precious metals content, so they’re a very different type of investment.


Bullion will come with lower premiums and are a much easier way to get high-quality, contemporary coins at a reasonable cost.


Silver Shields


These coins are an alternative that will appeal to those who really embrace bullion and what it means:


  • freeing your assets from the banks and governments
  • trusting your own ability to save over institutions
  • recognizing that the American economic system exists to profit from you, not benefit you.


Silver Shield rejected the conservative designs of most national mints and refiners, preferring bold, sometimes controversial designs that reflected investing to protect against inflation. Investment-grade silver bullion has never had so much attitude. Check out these awesome silver coins from Silver Shield to see what they’re all about. You won’t miss it once you see the designs.


Canadian Coins


Produced by the Royal Canadian Mint, these are high-quality, .9999 pure bullion and some of the most readily accepted coins in the world. Although the mint is better known for its gold products, it’s hard to argue with their price point, as you can get these at very little over spot. That makes them a solid investment option for those seeking to minimize their costs. One of the easiest ways to improve your returns is to minimize the cost of your investments, whether that’s mutual fund fees or prices over spot for bullion.


Known as the Maple Leaf, due to the design featuring the leaf emblazoned on the Canadian flag, they feature a stylized effigy of Queen Elizabeth II on the observe – currently the monarch of the country which belongs to the Commonwealth.


You have plenty of options to choose from, these are just some of the most common. You can buy coins from around the world online with relative ease. Not only can it be fun to track down different designs, years, and origins, even finding numismatic coins, precious metals themselves are a classic inflation hedge that will add strength and diversity to your portfolio.


These investment products may look like money, but they’re better than that. Traded because of their precious metal contents, this is what drives their value up while currency consistently loses purchasing power to inflation. A stash of bullion will always serve your investment needs well.

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