Tips for Planning Your Kid’s Next Birthday Party

Tips for Planning Your Kid’s Next Birthday Party

Sometimes there’s a lot of pressure on parents to follow trends set by other parents. The biggest argument your 10-year-old has for wanting the latest video game system, needlessly expensive clothing, or a new cellphone, is that all of their friends have one.

“How come Ben’s parents let him watch this show but I can’t?” is probably something you’ve heard before too. It can be hard to explain to a kid that there are differences in the way that parents decide to raise their children, especially when they start bringing up issues of fairness.

Suddenly it feels like you’re a bad parent and you want to step things up to prove that you’re not. This can especially happen at birthday parties where at times it feels like parents are trying to one-up each other.

Who has the coolest venue? Who hired the best entertainment? Whose party is being talked about weeks later?

Of course there’s no better feeling than making your kid happy, but do you have to go all-out just to achieve that? Well, not necessarily. Here are some tips for planning a birthday party that your kid will love you for without having to break the bank.

A Cure for the Hangries

Anyone gets cranky (or hangry) when they’re hungry – especially kids. That’s why it’s important to at the very least provide snacks at your party. And when it comes to food, why stress yourself out when you could get food help from a company with years of professional experience catering all sorts of occasions? Hitting a home run with your party’s food is easy with professional catering.

Plan your party between 2pm and 5pm and all you’ll need are some neat snacks and a cake to wow the crowd. A caterer can help you come up with the perfect snack ideas for your kid’s birthday, especially if it’s a themed event.

Let Kids be Kids

A lot of the pressure for kid’s birthday parties comes from providing entertainment. It seems like nowadays adults are increasingly concerned with how to distract their children – but is that healthy or even necessary? Kids have an amazing capacity to imagine and play, so why not take advantage of that?

This might mean getting creative yourself, but it’ll be worth it. For example, if your kid is a fan of Star Wars, why not get some cheap lightsabers for the kids to use and take home as a party favour? During the party, put up a Death Star piñata that the kids can take turns whacking around while blindfolded.

Little ideas like these are affordable but a load of fun for kids. So forget about ordering the bouncy castle and instead think about your kid’s interests and how you can come up with some fun games around that.

Don’t Stress

Your kids can tell when you’re stressed, so try your best to stay calm and make the whole experience a fun one – even leading up to it. One way to keep your stress low is to ditch the physical invites and instead send everyone an invite – it’s easier to keep track of numbers and less hassle for everyone involved.

And remember, smiling is contagious. So be sure to send out positive vibes when planning your kid’s next birthday bash.

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