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Top Ways to Stay in Shape Without Paying for a Gym Membership

You don’t need to pay hundreds of dollars a year in gym membership fees to stay in shape. At home and outdoors, there are many ways to get your heart pumping and your muscles working. From going on a jog to household chores, as long as you’re moving, you’re getting stronger.

Here are our top recommendations to stay in shape without paying for a gym membership.

Get Outdoors

Lace-up your runners for a jog or jump on your bike and pedal your way around town. There are many ways to get moving outdoors that beat staring at a wall while on a treadmill or sedentary bike. Even going for a walk around the neighbourhood has great benefits for your health, physical and mental. Take your pets and family out on a stroll to get everyone moving and shaking.

Workout Videos

Many personal trainers and fitness enthusiasts post videos of workouts to YouTube and other video watching platforms. A little browse around and you are sure to find any workout that suits your needs, from yoga to CrossFit. Most can be done in the comfort of your home or backyard.

Buy, Borrow or MacGyver Equipment

If you still want to use some gym equipment at home, pay a one-time fee for dumbbells, kettlebells, weights and bands instead of a monthly fee to use them at the gym. If you don’t want to drop money on them, ask friends and family if they have any spares they could lend you, or use household items to provide resistance to your movement.

Join a Sports Team

If you don’t like exercising by yourself and enjoy the social aspect of the gym, join a sports team for some friendly competition and a good workout.

Take the Stairs

Make a commitment to take the stairs whenever possible: at work, at the mall or at the grocery store. Small movements add up over the day, so get active when you can!


You already know housework can be tiring because yes, it too is exercise! Vacuum and sweep the floors, reach high and low with the feather duster, move furniture around to clean every nook. You’ll be working up a sweat while your house will be looking better than ever. To see how much each chore actually burns, check out this website.

Park Workout Stations

Many public parks offer a section of outdoor workout equipment for parents to work out while they watch their children play. Although they often only offer one level of resistance, they provide gym equipment for free. Take a jog to the park for some cardio before hopping on the machines for weight training.

Get Off a Stop Early

This may require adjusting your morning routine, but it’s all in the name of health! If you take public transit to work, get off a stop or two early to get a walk-in before you hit the desk. If you drive, find a parking space further from your workplace to squeeze some activity into your day.

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