Using CBD Oil for Insomnia

Using CBD Oil for Insomnia

Getting a good night’s rest is so important. Sleep plays a vital role in your physical health. It’s involved in the healing and repair of blood vessels and heart, and ongoing sleep deficiency is connected to increases in heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and strokes.


Not to mention what sleepless nights do to your mood and emotional state. We’ve all been there before — whether it be from staying up late to cram for final exams, feeling worried about projects at work, or simply just from the inability to shake off the stresses of the day before going to bed.


There are prescription medications that you can take for insomnia that typically fall under the category of a Benzodiazepine — a class of psychoactive drugs used to treat conditions such as anxiety and insomnia.


Long-term use of these drugs can be incredibly dangerous because they’re highly addictive. It can be extremely difficult to wean yourself off of them because of the dependency that users experience.


There are other, natural remedies to help you find the rest you need. Consider CBD and THC products and Blissed when facing these issues.


Find a company that emphasizes the importance of wellness and self-care when you’re investigating what the right cannabis products are for your needs, particularly if you’re unfamiliar with using them.


Be on the lookout for a company that offers an inclusive sense of community, and one that gives back portions of its profits to charitable organizations.


Find a high-quality cannabis company that is part of the TREC Brands inniative.


TREC Brands is an organization that advocates for conscious cannabis culture. Brands that are a part of their organization contribute 10% of profits to transformative communities, creating impact and difference where it’s needed. When you purchase these products, not only are you doing yourself a favour, but you’re also leaving the world a better place.


Using CBD oil is an effective way to calm the body and mind. Consider why it’s a healthier alternative sleep aid to harmful pills and over-the-counter drugs.


What exactly is CBD?


The technical term for CBD is Cannabidiol and it’s the second most prevalent of the active ingredients in the cannabis (marijuana) plant.


While CBD is a component of cannabis, by itself it doesn’t cause psychoactive experiences of feeling high in human beings.


Many studies have been conducted on the positive effects that CBD has on the body, and why it produces calming, pain-reducing, anti-inflammatory effects in the body, and there is still more to learn.


We do know that CBD interacts with many different proteins, receptors, and other chemicals in the brain.


These interactions create different paths for the neurotransmitters, hormones, and other cells throughout the brain and the body.


Through these interactions, CBD is able to affect many of the body’s functions, from emotional regulation to inflammation, pain perception, and sleep-wake cycles.


It Decreases Anxiety and Enhances Sleep


CBD has the ability to greatly reduce anxiety by interacting with specific receptors in the brain, as well as altering serotonin signals, which can be helpful in eliminating sleep difficulties and enhancing sleep quality.


It may increase overall sleep amounts and improve insomnia. It’s also a natural anti-inflammatory agent, and it can reduce insomnia in people who suffer from chronic pain as it can alleviate bodily discomfort.


In smaller doses, CBD can stimulate alertness and reduce daytime fatigue. This is important for daytime performance and for the consistency of the sleep-wake cycle.


Before inquiring about prescription or drugstore sleep medications, check out what your wellness and cannabis community has to offer.


You deserve to sleep well. Listen to your body and do it naturally.

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