Are Music Lessons a Form of Self-Care?

Are Music Lessons a Form of Self-Care?

Given how intense and hectic modern urban life can be, it isn’t surprising that people are becoming more and more concerned about adopting self-care practices that can help them carve out space for mindfulness and rest in their weekly schedule.

Self-care has become an umbrella term that covers a broad range of different activities that are linked to wellness, relaxation, and improving mental health. But while it has become a ubiquitous term used to describe everything from eating out to getting manicure, the main thing that separates self-care activities from leisure is the intentionality people bring to them.

A good self-care practice isn’t just fun, or restful — it also has the capacity to renew, to help you return to work a more balanced and capable person. Which is why a growing number of people have started to see music lessons as a vital form of self-care.

Recharging Through Creativity


One of the hardest things about modern life is the fact that it never seems to stop — our phones are bombarded by notifications and news alerts at all hours of the day and night, and truly getting out of your own head can be a major challenge. Drawing a warm bath and anointing yourself with essential oils won’t help you unwind if you still spend the evening scrolling through Instagram.

Perhaps counter-intuitively, one of the most appealing things about music lessons, from a self-care perspective, is the fact that they demand a certain amount of discipline and focus. When you sign up for piano lessons Toronto at a school like Toronto Arts Academy one of the things you are getting is a controlled space in which you can’t constantly check your phone.

This controlled space, and the mental and physical challenge of playing an instrument as difficult as the piano, creates the ideal conditions for entering into a state of flow that is not the same as rest, exactly, but which can play a huge role in taking you outside of yourself and boosting your mental health.

How to Make the Most of Music as Self-Care


If you want to make music lessons part of your own self-care routine, however, there are a few things you should keep in mind. It isn’t always easy to find schools that will be a good fit for the adult learner who wants to pursue music for purposes of personal wellbeing, and when it comes to piano lessons Toronto adults can enjoy, it is important to be judicious about which schools and instructors you consider.

For example, when trying to find a piano teacher Toronto has plenty of options, but many of them are specialized toward children or advanced students. Instead, you should look for instructors who:

  • Have the pedagogical experience to help you develop your skills
  • Can provide you with concrete goals to work toward
  • Are a good match for your own learning style and approach
  • Know how to make you feel comfortable and relaxed

For those who achieve a basic level of proficiency, playing music can be a major stress reliever. And unlike other self-care activities, which can simply fall into empty consumption, learning piano is an actual talent that can help you feel more confident and accomplished.

If you want a self-care activity that will really help you feel better about yourself, look for a school where you can start your piano lessons Toronto this month!

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