Why Your Hair Loves Conditioner

Why Your Hair Loves Conditioner

Lather, rinse, repeat — the age-old shampoo and conditioner routine is well known but outdated.

People are so focused on shampoo and a healthy hair-washing schedule that conditioner often gets ignored. The thing is, many professionals actually suggest that you use conditioner more often than shampoo!

Conditioners aren’t as rough on your hair, make it easier to brush and style your locks, and are available in many different formulas. Regardless of your hair type, there is a conditioner on the market that will treat it.

If you’re on the hunt for a new conditioner, click here to learn more about your countless options. There’s a lot to love about conditioners:


There’s a Conditioner for All Hair Types

Whether your hair is greasy, dry or combatting dandruff, there is a conditioner for you. It’s all about knowing your hair and picking the right conditioner to treat and protect it.


You Can Condition Without Shampoo

Conditioner has cleaning properties to get rid of dirt and build up and helps your hair maintain oils that make it more lustrous. It’s also actually a lot easier on your hair than shampoo is.

Shampoos contain harsh detergents, while conditioners tend to have more nourishing and hydrating properties. In fact, they are even saying it’s better to conditioner your hair before you shampoo it!


It’s Packed With Nutrients

Why Your Hair Loves Conditioner

Good conditioners boast formulas containing vitamins like Pro-Vitamin B5 and Vitamin E. These properties strengthen your hair and protect it from further damage.


It Restores Moisture

Shampoo cleans your hair by removing debris and other dirt that accumulates over time. In doing this, however, it also removes the oils that keep your hair hydrated. Conditioner, on the other hand, restores this moisture and locks it in.


It Makes Brushing Out Your Hair Easier

Cosmetic chemist and author Perry Romanowski explained to Allure that the most prevalent benefit of using conditioner is how it enables you to brush your hair easily and painlessly.

Brushing dry hair can be painful, damaging, and cause a lot of frizz. Brushing your hair out with the help of conditioner, however, smooths it out so that you can better brush out any knots or tangles.


It Detangles Your Hair

On that note, part of the reason why conditioners make it easier to brush out your hair is that it detangles your locks before you even have to put a comb to your head. The product smooths your hair and protects it from split ends and dreaded tangles.


Without It, Your Hair is At Risk

When you don’t use conditioner, not only is it harder to brush out your hair, but you put your hair at risk of breaks, tangles and split ends. Conditioner moisturizes your locks — without its moisture and hydration, your hair can become lacklustre.


It Protects Your Hair From Towel Damage

Why Your Hair Loves Conditioner

You may not know this, but when your hair is wet, it’s more susceptible to damage like breaks — and these breaks are often brought upon by drying your hair with a towel. That said, you need you to dry your hair, and sometimes a hairdryer is just too time-consuming. When you use conditioner, your hair is better protected against towel damage.

It’s also worth mentioning that rubbing your towel against your hair to dry it can also activate frizz, which conditioner also can help prevent.

Your hair deserves some TLC and investing in a good conditioner will give it just that.

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