Wireless Headphones

Wireless Headphones for your Summer Travels

Let’s face it: travelling on public transit, planes and trains, or even vacationing on the beach can get a little loud when children are running around and yelling or that couple next to you gets into an argument. If you want to tune out from the racket and zone into your vacation solitude, invest in new wireless headphones that will make your next trip your best.

Bose QuietControl 35 II

If quiet and comfort make the difference between a great trip and a poor one, these headphones are worth the price. The soft cushioning not only helps block out noise for the quietest flight you will ever have, but the comfort may just lull you to sleep. Also, music will never sound so good coming out of the Bose engineered hardware.

Bose QuietControl 30

Not into the big headphone look but still want the noise-cancelling feature? Still towards the pricier and higher quality end, these Bose headphones will keep the noise you want in and the noise you don’t want out. The advantage of leakage protection on this particular model is not to be overstated: you don’t want to bother your seatmate, or worse, have them hearing your guilty pleasure travel playlist.


If you want the quality and comfort without the Bose price, these Cowin headphones are a great choice. The active noise-cancelling headphones are a comfortable over-ear model that also fold away to maximize your precious luggage space.

SleepPhones ultra thin headphone headband

Having trouble sleeping on a long journey is an uncomfortable and often inevitable part of travel. Luckily SleepPhones are here to help! A thin and soft headband blocks out noise and holds these headphones to your ears so there’s no discomfort for all window and side sleepers out there.

TIAMAT Force Sports Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Not only a sleek pair of earbuds that won’t fall out on a jog, but these headphones also come with a portable charger case that is the perfect travel companion. The USB port will allow you to charge all your electronics on the go, while the built-in flashlight will keep you safe at night. It is also waterproof and contains a mini fan, making it a welcome companion on a hot day by the poolside.

LC-dolida Bluetooth Sleep Eye Mask Wireless Headphones

Block out light and sound disturbances on buses and planes using these eye-mask headphones. Soft but breathable fabric keeps out light while small, durable headphones keep out unwanted sound, delivering nothing but soothing music straight to your ears. With a 2-hour charge time, these headphones still offer 8-hours of music for a long, deep sleep.

YouTouchLife Wireless Headphones Beanie

Trying to get away from the heat this summer? If you’re planning some time up in the mountains or a trip to the Nordic countries, then headphone beanies may be the choice for you. Warm, fashionable and hands-free to keep your fingers warm, these beanies will let you enjoy your music while also enjoying the scenery in comfort.

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