Workout Trends Heading into The Summer

We all know that workout trends come and go. Not saying that trends or good or necessarily bad, but it’s natural for trends to come and go, especially in the world of fitness. How many do you know that still adhere to the keto diet?

In case you don’t have the time to keep up with the latest fitness trends heading into the summer, we’re here to help make sure you don’t fall behind and make use of the latest products and programs to help you maximize your efforts and get ready for summer!

Wearable Workout Technology

If you think wearable technology is popular now, just wait for what’s coming up. Some people may not understand or appreciate the value of an Apple Watch, but for those who workout regularly, they’re incredible pieces of technology.

We’re not just talking about the ability to track your steps. We’re talking about monitoring important factors of your health from sleep, to weight and body fat percentage to performance and monitoring.

Wearable technology is becoming increasingly integrated into our regular lives, providing us with important feedback that can help us workout more effectively!

Group Personal Training

Chalk this one up for those who love to post about their CrossFit group workouts on Instagram! If you’ve noticed that a lot more of your friends are into group personal training exercises you would be correct. This is one of the biggest trends going into the summer of 2019.

Group personal training exercises are generally small groups and the balance allows people to have access to personal trainers at a much more affordable rate. Personal trainers with experience and a reputation can charge a lot for an hour class, and this option is not just more affordable, it’s a lot more fun!

Yoga! Yoga! Yoga!

No matter what type of yoga you’re into, there is an option for you. Don’t believe it? Check out this video of goat yoga and you will.

The truth is, yoga is a very malleable exercise that can be suited for people of all ages and athletic capabilities. Whether you’re retired and just looking to stay active or you’re a professional athlete looking to improve your balance and core strength, there is a yoga program that will suit your needs.

woman doing yoga pose

It’s also relatively affordable compared to other options and group classes bring a fun social element as well to your workouts, which you may not find in a large brand name gym.

Boutique Fitness Studios

If you haven’t heard of a boutique fitness studio yet, good chances are you will soon. Instead of a large gym with tons of members, these are smaller fitness studios that offer more personalized care and attention than a huge gym could possibly offer.

Boutique fitness studios offer the personal touch of a private gym with the affordability of a brand name gym. Often there is a closer connection with the trainers and these smaller studios specialize in small group personal training.

It’s not a generalization to say that you can expect higher quality equipment at a boutique fitness studio as owners are often trainers themselves. HouseFit boutique fitness studio is great example of what a forward thinking facility has to offer.

Bodyweight Training

There is a trend in the culinary world to keep things simple, and this trend can be extended into the fitness world with bodyweight training. Essentially these are exercises that make use of the force of gravity to drive your workouts.

These exercises tend to be very core and balance driven, which can yield great results for those are able to incorporate these workouts into their lifestyle. Easy to do, requires no equipment and that means no excuses!

No matter how you choose to work out, this summer some of the biggest fitness trends have very solid foundations that can make it easy easier than ever to get, and stay in shape!

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