5 Secrets to Aging Happily Ever After

5 Secrets to Aging Happily Ever After

Are you ready to become an older senior? As lifespans get longer, seniors find that there are now many stages to their retirements. The early years may be full of travel or continuing to work, while the middle and later years involve transitioning into a different kind of retirement where it may become harder, but no less important, to remain active and independent.

Planning, exercise, and a good diet are the keys to good health and happiness as you become an older adult. Check out this senior living advice you can really use to help you plan for the future.


Exercise for Seniors


Exercise is a proven way for seniors to maintain their sense of happiness as well as improve their mobility and independence. Exercise and physical well-being improve not just your longevity but also your mood, as exercise releases hormones called endorphins – the chemical responsible for creating happiness.


It’s never too late to start exercising, even if you were never one to hit the gym before. Even incorporating a light workout into your daily routine can reduce your chances of a mobility-restricting disability or condition by 25 percent.


A Healthy Diet


A healthy diet that you also enjoy is another factor in improving both your mood and your health. A nutritious diet is equally as important as physical activity. Not only should you be eating more nutritious meals, it’s equally important that meal times be spent in good company with a friend or family to avoid feelings of loneliness.


A Sense of Purpose


A strong sense of purpose keeps you healthier and more independent. A sense of purpose can give you something to look forward to every day, and there are many ways you can find that get-up-and-go enthusiasm. You may find yourself with more energy when you:


  • Find a new hobby or devote more time to a long-held passion or artistic pursuit.
  • Take care of grandchildren or great-grandchildren.
  • Volunteer in the community.
  • Volunteer your time on a board or with another type of organization.

Even just staying in close touch with family and friends can give you an enhanced sense of purpose that will keep you motivated and energetic every day. Joining social clubs and volunteering is also a great way to meet new friends and stay socially active.


An Aging in Place Plan


As you get older, your care needs may change. It helps to have a plan that your family can put in place to help you remain independent in a residence of your choosing. Aging in place is about extending the length of time you can live independently (often through better use of universal design), receiving flexible care in a way that maintains your dignity, and choosing where you want to live.


Age in Style


Don’t neglect your appearance just because you’re getting older. Investing in a great haircut, teeth whitening, or changing up your fashion sense as you get older can help you with your self-esteem and sense of adventure. Look good while you connect with your sense of purpose. Going shopping can also give you the perfect excuse to get out of the house.


With these tips, you’re sure to age happily.

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