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Adding Wood Features to Your Living Room

Your living room is a place to relax and enjoy the company of guests and family. In this setting, you should always surround yourself with comfort, while also keeping a point to never overlook style. While it is common for much of your living room furniture to be designed around the former of these points – the comfortable sitting area – you can use subtle touches of solid wood around your living room to increase its appeal and provide a sense of luxury.

How to Introduce Wood Features

One of the most elegant ways to highlight the element of design in your living room is with the addition of handcrafted solid wood. If your current living room is utterly devoid of any wood features, then that just means that you have a clean slate to work with. This gives you the option of choosing a variety of wood and a perfect shade of stain to match appropriately with your interior décor. Some of the most popular varieties today include:

  • Wormy Maple
  • Black Walnut
  • White Oak
  • Ash
  • Speckled Cherry

Going for the Delicate Touch

In style, subtlety can be everything. Adding hints of solid wood to your living room can help to make all of its best features pop. If you have a brick or stone fireplace, the look of traditional wood will heighten the natural feel of the room.

The Option of Mixed Materials

Another way to introduce wood furniture to your living room is to consider how the other materials included in the item will accent your living room. For example, you can buy a natural wood coffee table that includes a metal base or a live edge that is finished with a colourful epoxy.

Introduce Antique Items

When you’re adding wood furniture to your living room, bit by bit, it can help the overall look to also introduce a few wooden antique items. This look can work particularly well when your interior is designed to reflect more of a rural or vintage look – or even if you’re blending together a wide variety of styles. Some of the items that have become popular for home décor more recently include:

  • A Spinning Wheel
  • Antique Wine Crates
  • Vintage Radios or Stereo Equipment
  • Wooden Lamps
  • Retro Telephones
  • Barometers or Thermometers

Adding any of these items will allow you to introduce subtle highlights that can easily bring out the texture of your wooden furniture.

The Beauty of Handcrafted Wood

While all of these tips will help you to introduce wood items to your living room, there’s probably no one point as important to keep in mind as the need to buy handcrafted, quality items. When you buy handmade or custom solid wood furniture from a professional company, you’re making an investment in beautiful items that are meant to last.

Your living room is the centrepiece to your home, so you want it to be comfortable and impressive. Bring a new piece of solid wood furniture to your home and see what a wonderful and refreshing change it will bring about in your overall design.

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