It can be hard to find an alternative to hours of screen time when it comes to family time. Spend fun, quality time with your family with these activities.

Awesome Family Activities That Are Free and Fun

Winter break is coming soon and school will be out for the holidays. Kids will embrace the first few days of freedom by wearing their pjs all day, just because, and using their tablet, computer, or TV longer than usual because there’s no homework to do! But after the first couple of days, the novelty wears off and suddenly the chorus of “I’m bored” or, even more terrifying, squabbles begin.

Suddenly parents must scramble between holiday planning and their own relaxation to placate the boredom before things get messy (literally). Letting the kids run wild at the mall sounds tempting, but that’s an easy way out and might garner the silent judgment of irritated salespeople. Taking them out for a movie might do it, but a movie tickets can stack up to a three-digit dollar amount that you just don’t want to spend.

Low-Cost Activities for Families with Kids

Don’t worry, a quick Internet search brought you here for some ideas. Try some of these fun family activities to avoid hearing the “I’m bored” chorus as long as you can:

Day 1: Share Your Favorite Internet Videos

9 times out of 10, most of you will be watching some form of internet content in your free time, so you should all do it together! You can make it a competition for the funniest videos, weirdest videos, interesting videos, or anything else you can think of. Other options can be:

  • Try Not to Laugh Challenges
  • Things You Missed In ___
  • Best Vine Compilations
  • Favorite Vlogger

Day 2: Search Your Community Calendar for Activities

Many times, community centers arrange free story time programs for children. Sit and listen to the story as a family and then critique it at the end. Then explore the many other services that the library offers like CDs, DVDs, theme nights, video games, and much more. You can arrange your library visit around family swimming time that many community centers usually offer.

Day 3: Movie Theater Marathon

Make a regular movie-marathon special by creating a theater experience. Have everyone choose a movie and then “release” the movie schedule for that day. Make your own tickets and currency and pretend that you’re entering a real theater. Your kids can choose from individual popcorn bags and an array of candies for their preferred movie snack.

Day 4: Team Cooking Challenge

Split your family into equally skilled teams, choose a recipe online or from a cookbook, and see which team makes the best dish! Losing team must clean up while the winners enjoy their dessert first.

Day 5: Eco-Friendly Walks

Do your part as a family to clean up the neighborhood by picking up litter that you pass by on a family walk. This gets the kids out in the fresh air with a goal to achieve and they learn to appreciate a clean neighborhood.

The Weekend Wildcard

Now that you have ideas for 5 days out of the week, you can arrange all the other family events and errand days on the weekends or whatever two days you have free!

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