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Express Yourself with Custom Clothing

With so many products being mass produced it can be impossible to feel like you have a unique sense of style when everyone is wearing the same clothes as you. There was once a time when 90’s grunge meant going against the system, being a rebel, and refusing to dress like the masses – it was about being unique.

But being unique isn’t possible with stores like Hot Topic mass producing ‘dark grunge’ clothing and accessories like it’s something to package and set on the shelves. On the one hand, it’s a nice thought to be able to make all kinds of styles available to fans, but on the other, it sort of defeats the purpose, doesn’t it?

Well, if you truly want to experience fashion that is unique to you, why not look into designing your own custom t shirts and other apparel? Find someone who offers quality silk screen printing services for custom t shirts and you can design a t shirt for yourself that is completely unique and not able to be purchased anywhere else.

Come Up with Your Own Designs

If you’re aiming to wear unique apparel then just picking an image and getting it screen printed onto a piece of clothing isn’t enough. If you’re using a popular enough image then someone else might have the same thing printed on their shirt as well (though, chances are small that you’ll run into them). So just make sure that you’re carefully considering what you want to be printed on your t shirt before you commit.

So what can you do to be truly unique when it comes to custom screen printing? For starters, if you’re an artist or a designer, then this part will be really easy. You can design yourself a t shirt that suits your style, and at the same time you can show off your talent.

If you don’t consider yourself an artist or designer, then why not hire someone to design something for you? There are plenty of artists out there who take commissions, and will be able to design a print for you that is completely unique and not able to be found anywhere else.

Think Outside the Box

When it comes to screen printing a design onto your favourite apparel, you’re not just limited to getting an image simply printed onto the middle of the shirt. Try being creative and using a design that covers the whole shirt, or choose a particular place like on the sleeves.

If you want a custom printed scarf, consider using a pattern of alternating images that can wrap around the scarf without looking odd. Also, consider what it will look like if the images get cut off. For example, if you want roses on a black coloured scarf, you’ll probably not want one huge single rose printed on it. Instead, you’ll want to print out a pattern that has a number of different variations of roses in the same style.

Don’t be afraid to get creative and bring out your unique sense of style with silk screen printing and custom apparel for any occasion.

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