Elon Musk Searching for a New Location to Increase Production of Tesla Vehicles

Elon Musk Searching for a New Location to Increase Production of Tesla Vehicles

The auto-industry will be eagerly following Musk’s tour around the country as he decides where his next Gigafactory should be. Musk announced on Twitter that he’s on the search for the perfect location to expand production with an eye on truck country located in central USA and the east coast. Millions will be watching closely as Musk scouts locations as well as the states vying for his attention a la The Bachelor style. Which state will be receiving the final Model Y blueprint from everyone’s favorite revolutionary technological entrepreneur Elon Musk to become his next betrothed factory location?

Preparation for Mass Production of Tesla Vehicles

Cities along the east coast are probably already crossing their fingers and trying to have Musk notice them because of what it will mean for the local economy. Not only will there be a plethora of manufacturing jobs opening, but also a turning point in production overall for Tesla. According to production growth, Tesla has seen a significant increase with the Model 3 EV that targets the mass market as one of the relatively cheaper Tesla models. With the similarly affordable Model Y entering the market in the near future, the company will have more than enough work cut out for production companies.

Tesla’s Current Production Facilities

The new Gigafactory will be Tesla’s fifth worldwide joining Nevada and Buffalo in America, Shanghai, and plans for one that will be built around Berlin. American Teslas such as the Model 3, Model S sedans, and Model X vehicles are currently produced in the Fremont, California production facility and will continue to be produced there after developing the new factory, which does not hold a “Gigafactory” title. In Nevada, the facility stretches almost 2 million square feet and produces battery packs and electric motors for Model 3 vehicles. Whereas, New York’s Gigafactory 2 in Buffalo produces solar cells and modules.

Elon Musk long had his eye on a Chinese location to enter the lucrative market and built a factory in Shanghai that made its first shipments this January. The German factory will be producing Model 3 and Model Y vehicles for the European market. Once he chooses the right location in the east coast as a standalone production facility for the Model Y, Tesla will be mass producing in five different locations around the world hitting the North American, European, and Asian markets.

The Tesla Cybertruck

That leaves find a location in truck country for the Cybertruck Gigafactory. The innovative and futuristic-like electric pickup truck will fit perfectly in central USA. Musk expects a high demand for the Cybertruck and believes that Tesla will sell as many of them as it can make, but also expects that production won’t begin until 2021. Until then, Musk will be on the search for the location that has the best of available incentives, costs, and suitability of the local work force with more weight on the costs and local workforce. He has hinted his interest in Tennessee where Volkswagen has invested $800 million to expand its factory.

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