Updates on the Coronavirus Pandemic and How to Protect Yourself

Updates on the Coronavirus Pandemic and How to Protect Yourself

Unfortunately, the coronavirus (COVID-19) that the World Health Organization announced as a global health emergency at the end of January has not released the world from its grasp. On March 11, the virus went from a global health emergency to an all-out global pandemic exposing the true gravity of the situation. COVID-19 has since spread to 127 countries and territories as well as the Diamond Princess cruise ship in quarantine by Yokohama, Japan. Countries have buckled down to find, contain, and treat all cases of COVID-19 through testing, isolation, and travel bans.

A Global Pandemic

The coronavirus gained its status as a pandemic as it spread exponentially around the world with notable crises in Italy with over 12 000 cases identified within three weeks. In response, Italy has taken extreme measures in an attempt to contain the spread by implementing travel bans as well as shutting down all shops with the exception of food stores and pharmacies. It is most likely that soon Italy’s situation will no longer be one of the few mass outbreaks with Iran, South Korea, and Milan – all well-travelled cities.

A mad scramble in the US has led to more new cases everyday as there are fewer testing kits than there are people. The historical decline of the stock market prompted President Trump to take the unprecedented action of providing $1.5 trillion in loans for banks along with a travel ban for all fights from Europe to the US, and waving health insurance fees for testing, among others. In addition, there is talk amongst the Democrats and Republicans to provide a sweeping coronavirus relief package for a new paid sick leave program, unemployment insurance, food assistance and free coronavirus testing.

Outside the government, American companies have been taking their own steps to prevent the spread, notably Disneyland closing its park and offering guests time, financial compensation, and assistance to make arrangements in their travel plans. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints also stated that all gatherings worldwide, including worship gatherings, will be suspended in the midst of the pandemic.

Tips on Avoiding the Coronavirus

As an invisible menace to global health, there has been growing anxiety and panic as the virus spreads. However, the World Health Organization insisted that managing the virus is doable with governments taking the right course of actions. On the individual level, there are ways to minimize the risk of getting the coronavirus that include:

  • Stay Healthy

First and foremost, keep yourself as healthy as possible to keep your body strong against the virus.

  • Handwashing

Wash your hands regularly and properly with soap and water as often as you need and use alcohol-based sanitizers when soap and water aren’t an option.

  • Self-Isolation

Anyone who has travelled to and from countries affected by the coronavirus should remain in self-isolation for at least two weeks to prevent accidental spread.

  • Stocking Supplies

Ensure that you have regular housecleaning items, over the counter fever medication, tissues, paper towel, alcohol prep wipes, and other basic items in your home.

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